ACTION TOOLKIT for December 3rd Action: 1000 Durbans for Climate Justice

Action Toolkit for

1000 Durbans for Climate Justice

Prepared by Rose Brewer, AfroEco and Yuki Kidokoro, GGJ

Below you can find materials on climate justice issues that can help you prepare for your 1000 Durbans events. They come in a wide variety of issues and formats. Because there is an overwhelming amount of information available, we chose some key items that you can choose from. If there are issues that are not covered here, feel free to ask and we’ll do our best to find what you need.


Call to Action!

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance & La Via Campesina CALL TO ACTION December 3: 1000 DURBANS FOR CLIMATE JUSTICE!

2 Ways to Endorse 1000 Durbans for Climate Justice:


   • Post your action on the collective map at

   • Download and Print a Stop Profit From Pollution poster --> 
     Take a photo of your action with the poster, then 
     Send your photo by noon EST on Sunday Dec 4 to  
     This will automatically post the photo and your brief description to our site:
     We'll print it to make a photo mural of all actions and display it when delivering the petitions to the State Department on Dec 5.

2) GATHER SIGNATURES FOR THE PETITION to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Project

GGJ, La Via Campesina and Grassroots International are calling on the State Department to Reject, Don't Just Reroute the Keystone XL Pipeline project. (See more information below about Tar Sands and the Indigenous Environmental Network's campaign to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline. Look under Videos and under Key Links and Resources.)

   • Collect signatures. Click here to sign the online petition. You can also download a printable petition to take to your events and actions to gather signatures. Our collective goal is to gather 5,000 signatures. What is your organization's goal?

Click here to read full petition text online in English

Click here to download petition in English

Haga Clic aquí para descargar petición en Español

   • Send petition signatures to (preferred) or (202) 543-0978 (fax) by 1pm EST on Sunday December 4.
     We will hand deliver them to the State Department in DC on Monday December 5.

If you are endorsing, please e-mail with your plans and contact person. Also let us know if you have questions or need additional support.


Communications Materials:

Political Education Materials:

Workshops & Presentations

Movement Generation compiled 6 workshops that can be used in combination or stand alone, which help to expand strategic thinking and action around ecology within the racial, economic and environmental justice movements in the United States.

Prepared by Sara Mersha of DARE, this is a tool that breaks down the different concepts of the Cochabamba People's Agreement, an agreement written through a democratic process involving the 30,000 people who attended the People's World Conference on Climate Change and Mother Earth Rights.  It's a people's alternative to the failures of climate negotiations to this point, and it is the basis for a lot of the demands of international social movements for climate justice.



20 minute video featuring farmworkers talking about their global fight for food sovereignty. Various languages with English subtitles.

This animated video explains how the cap & trade system is a false solution to climate change

These 2 videos explain what Tar Sands are and what the Keystone XL Pipeline project is, how it would devastate communities and Mother Earth, and how communities are waging resistance.

Ten-minute video on how a community in Chiapas is being displaced by potential REDD project

This 9-minute film documents one of the fastest-growing and most effective forces combating climate change: organized grassroots movements.  Centering around efforts to overturn California’s historic global warming legislation, the film highlights how community organizations and networks throughout the state played a crucial role in mobilizing the vote in immigrant and low income communities to defeat Proposition 23, making the case that equity-based and community-driven solutions are essential in bringing about the deeper restructuring of societies to confront the climate crisis.


Information on False Solutions:


Information on Real Solutions:


In 2010, social movements from around the globe converged in Cochabamba Bolivia and created the Cochabamba People’s Accord, which lays out the direction toward climate justice.


Key links and resources

Provide overview descriptions of the following key climate issues: Climate Debt, Shared Vision, Adaptation, Mitigation, Technology, Finance (general), Climate Finance WB, Carbon Markets, Forests, Agriculture, US, Human Rights, Gender


Tactics and Ideas for December 3 Actions:

View photos and read stories from last year’s grassroots climate solutions actions during the COP16 climate negotiations in Cancún, México.


Direct Action Ideas:

These ideas are meant to embody resilience and resistance as the people take back the power to remake our communities in ways that address the root cause of climate disruption. WARNING: Some of these involve the risk of arrest so plan to keep those who can’t/don’t want to risk arrest safe.

  • Take over public or private land and plant a garden.
    • Public could be in front of city hall where you are making a statement about how our resources should be used. Or an unused lot owned by the water district or the median in the middle of the street or ripping out pavement.
    • Private land could be the grassy strip outside of a fast food restaurant or it could be someone’s front lawn (either a target or a friendly neighbor).
  • Take over the roof of a big box retail store and install rooftop garden or water catchment. Demand eminent domain of big box rooftops for public use: solar panels, gardens, water catchment, etc.
  • Related media tactics:
    • No more than 3 days before your action, give an exclusive to your most trusted TV reporter. Tell them that you are planning an undisclosed action at xx date and xx time. Get their cell phone number and text them the location with enough time for them to get their to cover it.
    • Get a press release ready to send immediately after the action with photos or video
    • Get members and allies to document the action for social media viral distribution – share these videos, blogs and photos on LVC website (link coming soon)



  • Show Powerpoint developed to explain the Cochabamba People’s Agreement (see link above)
  • Use other training tools from IEN or Movement Generation (see links above)
  • Stream in video from delegation to Durban. (visit
  • Small group discussion about what we would do to remake our communities and how that would address climate disruption.
  • Host a teach-in about the destructive Keystone XL pipeline project
  • Education about global movements and local opportunities/resources
  • Hands-on workshops around food, health, and community resiliency (ex. indoor container gardening, food preservation)
  • Linking with international and local via food – La Via Campesina and food sovereignty work, local food justice opportunities, over a free community dinner – Show LVC video
  • Having teach in at a local green jobs training program
  • Related media tactics:
    • At least 1 week before (ideally 2), reach out to feature reporters that you have relationships with, or cold call feature reporters who write for local websites, your local paper's sunday magazine, local magazines, local radio and TV stations etc. Call them and explain what's happening to see if they'd be interested in covering the event as a feature or human-interest story. Invite them to learn with the community at the teach-in.
    • 1 week before, send educational press packets to these reporters with a press release telling the story of your work and its relation to climate justice, and how this teach-in fits into that story. Include sample educational resources you will use in your teach-ins.
    • Document with blogs videos photos and audio, post to your social media sites and to the LVC website (link coming soon)


Guerilla Theater

  • Gameshow with doors-- featuring false solutions and real solutions.
  • Trojan horse theater piece – REDDS is like a Trojan horse. They get you to sign away your forests as if it is a gift and then the little devils come out from underneath and get you with the details.
  • Related media tactics:
    • 1 week before, send a media advisory to local media including any local wire services or bureau offices of AP, Reuters etc. that might be in your area – include descriptions of action visuals they can expect to see. Make followup recruitment phone calls 3 and 2 days before and morning of your action.


Visits to Decision-Makers

  • City Hall Visits—Ask the mayor/city to adopt the Cochabamba People’s Agreement, or to take a position against the Keystone XL pipeline project.
  • Related media tactics:
    • Write an op-ed for your local paper urging decision-makers to pass a resolution to adopt the Cochabamba People's Agreement or other climate justice demand.
    • Reach out to local radio and TV stations and invite them to cover your visit live, or to wait outside if this is not possible so you can hold a press conference framing the results of the visit


Press Conference

  • Hook must be tied to UN negotiations b/c press conferences only work as statements on something that is already big news. It also helps if you have a public report or report card or some other tactic like this to release if you are going to have a press conference. Eg. “[Your area] communities critique Durban UN negotiations, release report on local solutions for climate justice”
  • Hold a Press Conference in front of a site that demonstrates real or false solutions. Target ethnic media by having spokespeople who can give interviews in different languages.



This is what folks are already planning in their cities and regions:


Los Angeles

Labor/Community Strategy Center and Communities for a Better Environment are planning an action targeting the local transportation agency on December 3rd



Vermont Workers Center is planning to hold a People's Movement Assembly on December 10th


New Mexico

South West Organizing Project is planning a listening session on December 7th on the issue of climate justice in Albuquerque.


Richmond, CA

Communities for a Better Environment is planning an event with partners in Richmond highlighting refineries and the issue of cap-and-trade.  


Northern Plains / WORC

Action in Montana around the Keystone Pipeline and land grabbing


North Carolina

Black Workers for Justice is planning a climate justice teach-in on December 3rd