Join #CancelKavanaugh Call to Action

“Sexual violence upholds patriarchy rooted in the colonial drive to possess, the imperial drive to dominate, the capitalist drive to accumulate, and the white supremacist drive to destroy difference.”
From GGJ’s Statement on Gender-Based Violence

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) has been truly inspired by the powerful women and survivor led struggle for gender justice and equity that is only growing in numbers and power in this moment. Join this call to action to #CancelKavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is a virulent opponent of reproductive justice, LGBTQ, and Disability Rights. These biases alone should discount him from consideration for the highest court of the federal government - a lifetime appointment. GGJ members have a critical role to play in this growing movement as Black, Indigenous, and Immigrant working-class/poor women and Trans/ Gender Non- Conforming (TGNC) folks with seasoned organizing practice and critical consciousness. 

GGJ joins this week’s #CancelKavanaugh call to action by sending a delegation of leaders from our Grassroots Feminism working group to DC this week from Wed Oct 3 - Saturday Oct 6th.

The team will be on the ground in DC and will be present for the bird-dogging actions, vigils, strategy meetings and documenting this week of actions across the Capitol.

Check out our Delegation:
Ana Orozco - Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (New York)
Cynthia Oka - Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (Pennsylvania)
Ina Demers - Southern Maine Workers’ Center (Maine)
Misty Nickoli - Native Movement (Alaska)
Piper Carter - East Michigan Environmental Action Council (Michigan)
Rodnika Catraya Cockroft - Dream Defenders (Florida)
Lashae Copeland - Florida Immigrant Coalition (Florida)
Tammy Nguyen - Got Green (Washington)

Join in the call to action!  Here is what you can do to support!

1. Please take 10 minutes to support the national call in day on Wednesday.
Call your Senators and tell them to #CancelKavanaugh
Capitol Operator: 202-224-3121
Susan Collins
Jeff Flake
Joe Manchin
Lisa Murkowski

2. Follow the GGJ delegation heading to DC -
Please make sure to like, comment, and share our live streams, tweets, and posts on our Social channels:
Facebook: @ggjalliance
Twitter: @ggjalliance
Instagram: @ggjalliance
Hashtags: #BelieveSurvivors, #GrassrootsFeminism, #CancelKavanaugh, and #GGJAlliance

3. Please share GGJ’s Statement on Gender- Based Violence - to your members, base, and to your social platforms. 

This last week has been particularly painful, angering and triggering for so many of us as the issue of sexual violence has been brought to the national stage, once again, under this white supremacist, misogynistic, and illegitimate administration. 

We are witnessing the last scramble of those in power to maintain the centuries old crumbling systems of unchecked abuse, exploitation, repression, degradation, and marginalization that have too long served as the foundations of this country.

We know these systems are not impenetrable, last week’s events affirmed this much for us- when WE apply the pressure, the cracks quickly begin to show.

We will keep marching until all of us are free.



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