GGJ and ITR heads to La Jornada Continental 2019

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and It Takes Roots is preparing a delegation of staff and members to particpate in the La Jornada Continental. We are so excited as Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) to be leading this effort politically and logistically and to be with you in this powerful cross-pollination of movements!

La Jornada Continental is a process that brings together social movement forces from across the continent and the world to share assessments of the political moment and develop strategies to combat right wing fascism. The Jornada Continental gathering from Nov 1-3 will be followed by 3 days of intensive exchanges with our Global South allies.

The official dates for the It Takes Roots Jornada Continental Delegation are October 30 - November 7, 2019, with October 30 and November 7 being travel days, and activities taking place from the 31st to the 6th.

Jornada Background:
The Jornada Continental is a process of strategic coordination across social movement forces in the region. In 2015, movements  to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the defeat of the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). The agreement was proposed to further advance the North American Free Trade Agreement enacted in 1994, and would have established a free trade zone across the americas. In addition to celebrating this people’s victory, the movements gathered launched the Jornada Continental as a process of articulation in defense of democracy and against neoliberalism. Given the political context across the americas and in particular the rise of a right wing surge, the Jornada has been seen as a way to converge forces toward sharing a common struggle and vision.

After meeting in 2017 in Uruguay, this year the Jornada Continental aims to bring together close to 1500 people from social movement forces from across the globe and the continent. Over the course of three days, participants will share deep assessments of the current political moment including the landscape of right wing fascism and the assault on democracy. From this assessment participants will consider what is needed and work to develop strategies for joint struggle.

More information about the Jornada can be found here

Delegation Goals:
1. Build relationships both within US delegation and with allies regionally and globally
2. Deepen understanding and analysis of regional political context and the right wing surge.
3. Engage in strategy development and consideration of international joint action
4. Exchange with and learn from International movement allies. 

La Jornada Agenda:
Day 1
- Large plenary style gathering laying out a conjunctural/context analysis of the political landscape in the region.
Day 2-3 - Opening plenary focused on process of construction and articulation of social movements and the challenges ahead. To be followed by simultaneous activities focused on:
- Defense of democracy against fascism
- Against transnational corporations
- Fight against free trade agreements
- Integration of the peoples’ movements of the hemisphere
- Sovereignty
- Solidarity with Cuba and movements for social justice
- Conversations about feminism and climate will be happening alongside and throughout the gathering.

 More info on delegates coming soon!

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