#JusticeforMikeBrown, #HandsUpDontShoot, #Ferguson

We at Grassroots Global Justice Alliance are enraged by the killing of Mike Brown, and inspired by the response from the community in Ferguson and St. Louis to mobilize, and from the responses of people and organizations from various sectors across the US expressing solidarity, rage and calling for action.

Image by Malcolm Goff, the Visual DJ

We responded to the call for statements from the climate justice movement by helping to author this statement from the Climate Justice Alliancecalling for “building a movement that affirms life and where everyone has a place in the rebuilding and stewardship of our communities – not where people are killed, warehoused or discarded.”

We echo the call from National Day Laborer Organizing Network for black and brown unity, making the connections between the militarized police and INS, and we lift up Marisa Franco’s voice on national television urging us to organize together as if Mike Brown is the last one to be killed by this crisis of state-sponsored racist violence.

We honor organizations like the TransJustice and Safe OUTside the System Collective of the Audre Lorde Project for making the connectionsbetween “the murders of Black and Latin@ Trans women, the arrests and violations against LGBTQ youth of color, and the violent sexual and physical attacks against Trans men and women of color,” and we echo their statement that “in order to build safety we must transform the root causes and conditions that contribute to and justify the senseless police violence, hate violence, racist, anti-immigrant and anti-black violence that persists against our communities.”

We lift up the call from National Domestic Workers Alliance for solidarity amongst women: “Too many Black mothers, too many Black families, have lost their children to police abuse and violence. According to a recent national study, every 28 hours, a Black mother loses her child to police violence or vigilante violence.”

We urge everyone to study the historical context of extrajudicial killings of Black people in the US, from reports like Operation Ghetto Storm by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and reading Bill Fletcher Jr’s recent commentary Suspected for Being Black on ZNet.

We encourage white anti-racist activists to keep challenging racism and police brutality, for example by following the lead of organizations like theCatalyst Project and reading the Police Brutality Action Kit by Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

We thank organizations in philanthropy for urging donors and funders to take action, and for calling attention to the epidemic levels of domestic violence against women of color

And most of all, we call on our movement to follow the lead of local organizations leading on the ground in Ferguson, such as Organization for Black StruggleMissourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, and others, by taking these actions:

#BlackandBrownLivesMatter  #HandsUpDontShoot  #JusticeforMikeBrown  #Ferguson