Build the Campaign to Drop All Charges and Convictions against Moral Monday’s Arrestees

Build the Campaign to Drop All Charges and Convictions against Moral Monday’s Arrestees

The Moral Monday’s Arrestees have expressed the highest example in recent years of forging unity across race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and class lines as a beloved community standing with the oppressed and exploited in North Carolina. Their willingness to stand together in the halls of state government and speak truth to power began the launching of a mass movement that is spreading across the country in the spirit of the workers in Wisconsin that shutdown state government against the attacks on labor rights.

This special act of unity must not go unnoticed, and must be proudly lifted up as a statement of the possibility of uniting those that have been divided by the racist, sexist and homophobic capitalist system that places profits for the 1-percent over the human needs and rights of the most oppressed and exploited of the 99-percent.

The recognition of the Moral Monday’s Arrestees by the Black Workers For Justice at their 31st Annual Martin L. King Support for Labor Banquet, was a call for continuing to build the campaign demanding that all charges and convictions be dropped against the 941 Moral Monday Arrestees.

Fighting against the criminalization of the right to protest against injustices being carried out by the forces of government, is more than a legal struggle to be resolved by the courts that act under the rules and influence of the anti-democratic forces that hold governmental power.  It is a struggle for human rights that must be waged by the masses of people in North Carolina and throughout society.

The decision to drop charges against some of the Moral Monday arrestees is another trick to give impression that there is justice in the courts, but what it does is divides the arrestees. We must demand that the charges be dropped for All Moral Monday Arrestees. !!!!

The Membership Assembly of the Grassroots Justice Alliance will support this campaign by signing and circulating the petition at