Berta Vive Feminist Delegation to Standing Rock - #NODAPL

This week of September 26, 2016, GGJ members are on a "Berta Vive" Feminist Delegation to Standing Rock in solidarity with the #NoDAPL struggle to protect the water and land from a destructive pipeline project by the Dakota Access Pipeline. With on the ground leadership from Indigenous Environmental Network, the Berta Vive delegation brought a feminist contingent to make connections between what is happening in Standing Rock to the struggles of women in frontline communities around the world, and to contribute to actions and activities on the ground.  

Click here for Quick Facts and Main Concerns About the Dakota Access Pipeline

Members participating on the delegation are: Linda Lee, Pam Tau Lee, Thuy Trang, Rachel Vernon, and Leon Sun from Chinese Progressive Association; Cerise Palmanteer from Asian Pacific Environmental Network; Candi Brings Plenty from Portland Jobs with Justice; and Helena Wong, National Organizer for Grassroots Global Justice Alliance and World March of Women US Chapter.

The main goals of our Berta Vive Feminist Delegation are:

  • To demonstrate environmental justice frontline-frontline solidarity across communities of color
  • To highlight the voices of women of color and two-spirit leaders at the forefront of the climate justice movement.

During the first day of the delegation, our National Organizer Helena Wong participated in a press conference with Indigenous Women Leaders of Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance, speaking out for protection of earth and water:

“We are a delegation of women of color and two-spirit leaders from across the country who have come to support Standing Rock. Women’s survival is deeply connected to the health of the land and water. We named ourselves after slain Honduran Indigenous water protector Berta Cáceres because she embodies the type of intersectional leadership our movement needs; Indigenous, feminist, water protectors, human rights defenders - which is exactly the leadership we are seeing here at Standing Rock.” -- Helena Wong, National Organizer with the World March of Women, US Chapter and Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

“We arrived Tuesday evening to Standing Rock where we met up with folks from the Indigenous Environmental Network. On Wednesday, we supported cooking and food prep for the hundreds of folks camping, as well as the rebuilding the kitchen of the IP3 camp. Currently there are hundreds of people here at the camp, with more folks arriving every day. The delegation also participated in IEN's Women Warrior press conference, which lifted up the issues affecting women, particularly the violence of the man camps. Last night, we got to witness the arrival of the Dakota/Lakota folks from Fort Peck, Minnesota, as well as tribal leaders and elders of the Havasupai tribe from the Grand Canyon, where they are fighting uranium mining.” -- Linda Lee, Chinese Progressive Association


As the winter sets in and the actions continue, we are planning for sustained solidarity with the #NODAPL water protectors.  GGJ and Climate Justice Alliance are in conversation with students and organized labor about more potential solidarity actions and delegations in the coming period.  October 10th is Indigenous Peoples' Day, and will be a week of action in solidarity with Standing Rock.  If you want to organize an action, plug in to an action in your region, or participate in the week of action via social media, click here to fill out this form and we will do our best to connect folks with each other.