North-North Climate Justice Organizer Exchange

In October 2015, leading up to the COP21 UN Climate Negotiations in Paris, GGJ led 7 inspiring days of organizers exchanges with incredible people organizing and building power in Paris around issues of migrant justice, police violence, displacement, feminism, and racial justice. We shared stories, lessons, strategies, and began to build relationships for long term movement building through COP21 and beyond.

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GGJ leaders participating in the exchange:

  • Diana Lopez, Southwest Workers Union
  • Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson
  • Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network
  • Heather Milton-Lightening, IP3
  • Jaron Browne, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Activities included:

  • Exchange with Roma People and Ivory Coast displaced families; Tour of San Denis
  • Exchange with Migrant Rights and Refugee Rights Organizers
  • Exchange with Police Accountability Orgs
  • Exchange with youth and emerging organizers
  • Panel at Elementary School
  • Evening Panels on Neocolonialism, Feminism, Community Organizing
  • Film Screening in Sarcelles
  • Training for Trainers
  • Media >March for Amadou Koume

French groups that participated in the activities:

  • 8 mars pour toute ( feminism + queer & trans*people/ sex worker)
  • AC Le feu ( banlieue/ people of color)
  • Collectif contre les violences en RDC ( international solidarity by afor-descents against war and neo-colonialism)
  • Femme en lutte 93 ( low income community feminist group issue lead by women of color )
  • Ferguson in Paris ( Police brutality)
  • La voix de Rroms ( Roma people )
  • Le Bondy Blog ( Grassroot community media)
  • Les chalengeurs ingénieux (enviromental international solidarity with west Africa )
  • Les indivisibles ( racism)  
  • Fatoumata Kebe - Connected eco (environmental international solidarity with west Africa )
  • Mwasi -Collectif Afro féministes ( Black Feminist group)
  • Ouvrir la voix ( Media and diversity lead by Amandine Gay )
  • Stop contrôle au faciés ( Police brutality and harrasment)
  • ZEP - Zone d'expréssion prioritaire (Grassroot community media)
  • Zonzon 93 ( Rights & Prisons)