Resources on World Social Forum 2013, Tunisia

2013 World Social Forum Resources

Readings for orientation #1:

The Arab Revolutions: One Year After by Samir Amin

The Assassination of Hope by Vijay Prashad

Optional readings: Dream History of the Global South by Vijay Prashad

Readings for orientaion #2

Climate Justice Alignment Convening: Detroit, September 2012

Climate Space: Rethinking Strategies to fight for Our Future

Cochabamba’s Message: Let the People Speak by Janet Redman


Optional materials:

Cochabamba Protocol video - World People´s Conference on Climate Change- Part 2

Official Climate Space website:

Cochabamba Accords


Readings & materials for orientation Call #3

Women in a Solidarity-Based Economy by Miriam Nobre

Fragments from: "A Score for Womens' Voices" a film by Sophie Bissonnette (courtesy of the World March of Women)

For more information on the World March of Women visit:

Optional materials:

Demands of the World March of Women, adopted in 1998 and revisited in 2001

Tunisia’s Salafists: Brownshirts of Tunisia’s Arab Spring


More on Climate:

NEW! A Contribution to the Climate Space 2013: How to overcome the Climate Crisis? By Pablo Solón

NEW!  Launch of No REDD in Africa Network: “REDD could cause genocide” by Chris Lang


Words from our delegates:

Reflections on Internationalist Solidarity, in Preparation for the 2013 World Social Forum in Tunisia by Maria Poblet

NEW! Tunisia: World Social Forum Highlights Both Unity and Dissent by Jordan Flaherty

NEW! World Social Forum Opens in Tunisia by Jordan Flaherty


Post 2013 World Social Forum News!

From the World Social Forum to the Arab Revolts by Esther Vivas

Declaration of the Social Movements Assembly – World Social Forum 2013 March 29, 2013 in Tunisia

NEW! The World Social Forum: Still Meeting Its Challenge by Immanuel Wallerstein

NEW! World Social Forum Spawns a New Form of Solidarity by Justin Hyatt

NEW! Snapshots from Tunis by Sarah Lazare