Women of Color Got This! First 100 Hours Action

Since we began organizing around gender justice and founded the US chapter of the World March of Women we have seen a huge upsurge in participation in our work, because there is a hunger in the grassroots organizing sector to talk about the impact of patriarchy on their work.  Our members have been joining a wave of feminist action as part of an ongoing effort to reclaim feminism for the grassroots.

That’s why we are joining the call for actions during the first 100 hours after the elections, to celebrate the leadership of women of color and  to call on the new administration to bury the politics of racism, misogyny, hate and militarism that have been stewed by this presidential campaign.

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In the first 100 hours after election day – we’ll show the entire country that the leadership of women of color does not end at the ballot box. In demonstrations across the country we’ll remind people that this election was about our lives - Black lives, women’s lives, immigrant lives, the lives of LGBTQ folks. Our victory in this election is not that one woman got a big new job. Our victory is in digging the grave for the politics of hate, of racialized violence and RapeCulture while building our power to put all politicians on notice. During the first 100 hours we’ll show up to celebrate our power and say: we are here, organized, and powerful. We will hold all politicians accountable to a pro-women, pro-immigrant, anti-hate agenda that includes a Vision4BlackLives and an end to RapeCulture. Ready or not, here we come. We are leading the way to create a country where we can live with dignity and thrive in lives free from inequality and sexual, racialized, and gender-based violence.

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