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FILM: Local Organizations Team up to Show "Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience"

East Michigan Environmental Action Council - Mon, 08/19/2030 - 8:02pm
What: Film screening of "Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience" with Question and Answer session to follow afterwards

When: September 6th, 2013

Time: 8PM

Where: Cass Corridor Commons
             4605 Cass Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 48201

East Michigan Environmental Action Council, 5E, Heru, and the American Indian Health and Family Services invite you to the film screening of, Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience, on September 6th, 2013. The showing will take place in the D. Blair Theater of The Cass Corridor Commons.

Focusing on the lives and experiences of the Native/Indigenous community in the Midwest, Our Fires Still Burn is a one hour documentary that works to dispel the myth that American Indians have disappeared from the United States. The narrative that Native and Indigenous peoples no longer exist in the US has been perpetrated in many forms since the beginning of colonization in the US, with perhaps the most famous example being the book (and movie), The Last of the Mohicans. The narrative usually argues something along the lines that because Native peoples are now dead (or are actively dying), we need non-Native peoples to "save and recover" (read; loot) Native artifacts (very often including actual bones of human beings). Another strand of the narrative argues that names like Washington Red Skins are actually compliments that honor long dead tribes rather than the offensive insults that Native/Indigenous peoples say they are.

Our Fires Still Burns argues that the narrative that Native/Indigenous peoples are dead is harmful in that it invisibilizes and makes unnecessary the voices of the very much alive Native/Indigenous community. But as Our Fire Still Burns shows, Native and Indigenous peoples continue to persist, heal from the past, confront the challenges of today, keep their culture alive, and make great contributions to society.

The film viewing of Our Fires Still Burn will appeal to native and non-Native alike, and will be followed by a question and answer session featuring many of the people appearing in the film, as well as film director Audrey Geyer.  Ms. Geyer is an independent video producer and director whose programs have been broadcasted locally and nationally on PBS. She is the founder and current executive director of Visions, an independent video production company local in Metro Detroit. Visions work focuses on creating documentaries that tell the stories of communities that are underrepresented in mainstream media.

As East Michigan Environmental Action Council co-director, Diana Copeland says, the most important thing to do right now in light of various attacks on marginalized communities in Detroit is to build community responses to those attacks, "Conversations that happen where we can begin to get to know each other are essential and will only make our communities stronger."
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VWC hiring field organizers

VWC - Wed, 11/22/2017 - 1:02pm

Organizational Overview
The Vermont Workers’ Center (VWC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation founded in 1998 as a membership organization. The VWC organizes for economic and social justice in Vermont.

Position Overview
We are hiring part-time organizers to build VWC chapters in new regions of Vermont. Potential areas include the Northeast Kingdom, Franklin, Lamoille and Rutland counties. Field organizers will organize a diverse base of working class and poor people into the VWC through the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign. The VWC’s organizing model centers leadership development, political education, relationship building, and organizing through transformative campaign work. As a member-run, low-staff grassroots organization, your job as a field organizer will be to foster organization amongst new members that ultimately sustains itself.

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsibilities will vary but will include developing and carrying out an organizing plan for building a VWC chapter through the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign in a given region.  This means outreach activities like door knocking and public events, leading and coordinating political education, facilitating the participation of local members in statewide organizational activities and developing the capacities of local leaders to sustain and expand their chapter.


  • Commitment to a grassroots approach to human rights organizing
  • Personal discipline, time management and organization, ability to exercise good judgment and to work with people from diverse backgrounds
  • Good written and oral communication skills and computer literacy
  • Driver's license, insurance and a reliable vehicle required
  • Union or community organizing experience ideal
  • Living in or near the Northeast Kingdom, Franklin, or Rutland Counties preferred

The VWC is an Equal Opportunity Employer. People of color,  gender-oppressed, LGBTQ, and working-class people are encouraged to apply.

Benefits: Benefits include health insurance, paid sick days, and vacation.

Details for applicants: The deadline to apply is January 2nd, 2017. Those interested in applying after this date should first contact the organization.  Please send a cover letter, resume, and professional reference with emails and phone #s to kate@workerscenter.org, and put “VWC Application” in the subject line.

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Looking ahead from the 2017 Membership Assembly

VWC - Tue, 11/21/2017 - 5:21pm

On Saturday, November 11, the Vermont Workers Center held its annual Membership Assembly. Fifty-five members gathered at the Old Labor Hall in Barre to attend to organizational business and plan for the year ahead.

Click here to view the photos from the 2017 Membership Assembly.

That evening, several dozen community folks, families and allies from across the state joined us for a wonderful dinner prepared by the People’s Kitchen in order to collaborate and celebrate the victories of Migrant Justice, Justice for All, Burlington Teachers, Porter Nurses, CCV Adjunct Faculty, and the members of UE Local 234 who work at Fairbanks Scales in St. Johnsbury. Additionally, Green Mountain Self Advocates and Vermont Center for Independent Living were recognized for their ongoing inspiration on the frontlines of the fight for the human right to health care.

Members were enlivened by and appreciative for the collective solidarity, and are prepared for the work that is necessary. Below are a few quotes from participants:

"We’re not going to change the power structure in the US without growing and sustaining. It is a marathon, not a sprint."
"The past year has helped remind me how important the slow, difficult organizing is; not reacting but planning; struggle not protest."
"VWC is about lifting each other up, and sowing the seeds to go forward."

Personally, it was my first Membership Assembly. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, learn from colleagues, and share updates from the Chittenden County Organizing Committee. I certainly look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Onward.

In solidarity,
Mike Leonard
Educational Support Professional at Burlington High School and Chittenden County Member

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NNIRR - Tue, 11/21/2017 - 5:12pm
Story Type:  Article Story Author:  Isobel Thompson Story Publisher:  Vanity Fair

The Trump administration has terminated the humanitarian program that enabled nearly 60,000 Haitians to live and work in the United States following an earthquake that devastated Haiti in 2010, killing thousands, displacing mo

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#MeToo: Migrant women, sexual assault and access to justice

NNIRR - Mon, 11/20/2017 - 5:08pm
Story Type:  Blog Story Publisher:  NNIRR

As story after story emerges about the sexual harassment and assault of women, the experience of migrant women is just beginning to be shared more broadly.

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More Trouble at T. Don Hutto: Detainee alleges sexual abuse by guard

NNIRR - Mon, 11/20/2017 - 2:30pm
Story Type:  Article Story Author:  MARY TUMA Story Publisher:  The Austin Chronicle

[Nov. 17, 2017] When members of Grassroots Leader­ship met with undocumented detainee Laura Monterrosa on one of their recent routine visits to the T. Don Hutto Resi­den­tial Center in Taylor to monitor human rights abuses, she initially stayed silent about the alleged abuse she was facing.

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The Open Letter That Latina Farmworkers Wrote About Hollywood and Sexual Assault

NNIRR - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 6:34pm
Story Type:  Article Story Author:  Alianza Nacional de Campesinas Story Publisher:  NPR - Latino USA

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CVH #Unselfie Challenge

CVH - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 4:02pm
CVH #UNSELFIE Challenge This #GivingTuesday I support:

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#UNSELFIE Challenge

CVH - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 3:37pm
CVH #UNSELFIE Challenge This #GivingTuesday I support:

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NNIRR - Thu, 11/16/2017 - 6:40pm
Story Type:  Article Story Author:  Alice Speri Story Publisher:  The Intercept

MUCH OF THE discussion on President Donald Trump’s border wall has focused on its cost and impracticality, as well as the anti-immigrant and racist rhetoric it embo

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Magistrate Judge Issues Injunction, Bringing UE Members at MTIL Closer to Contract

UE - Thu, 11/16/2017 - 4:23pm
16 November, 2017Chicago

On Tuesday, Magistrate Judge Cole issued his opinion on a 10J bargaining order sought by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) against pallet manufacturer MTIL. The decision imposes an injunction on MTIL to bargain with the employees and their union, UE. The injunction should be signed by the Judge by the middle of next week.

This injunction instructs the company to ultimately bargain with UE. UE members at MTIL are preparing to bargain with the company and mobilize to fight for the contract they deserve.

“We fear that the company will attempt to delay the process, as they have so far,” says UE Director of Organization Gene Elk, “but we are going to do everything in our powers to stop this.”

MTIL manufactures pallets and skids for a Dutch multinational, IFCO. Just a few days before an NLRB election scheduled for December 19 last year, MTIL committed massive labor law violations in which it attempted to either buy off or terrorize workers to defeat a UE organizing campaign.

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“Carbon Pricing Report” Released by Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance at COP 23

It Takes Roots - Thu, 11/16/2017 - 4:50am
Groundbreaking “Carbon Pricing Report” Released by Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance at COP 23

In-depth Analysis By Grassroots Exposes Carbon Trading Markets as False Solutions to the International Climate Crisis

**Link to live stream of Press Conference**

Bonn, Germany — While city, state, and national leaders gather at the UN Climate Talks to launch and implement platforms and agendas that promote carbon trading, carbon offsets, and REDD+, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Climate Justice Alliance take a bold stance to reject and challenge these so-called innovative solutions by releasing the “Carbon Pricing Report: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance.”

This report provides in-depth context to why carbon market systems will not mitigate climate change, will not advance adaptation strategies, will not serve the most vulnerable communities facing climate change impacts and only protect the fossil fuel industry and corporations from taking real climate action.

Furthermore, the publication is the first of its kind to be released in the United States and will help frontline communities and grassroots organizations articulate crucial points to challenge carbon markets and climate change. It is a tool in building a carbon market grassroots resistance.

On Wednesday November 15, Tom Goldtooth, co-author of the report, and members from communities who are impacted first and worst by climate change spoke at the UN Climate Change Talks to challenge nations, cities, and businesses who are promoting carbon markets as they violate Indigenous Rights and make way for more fossil fuel extraction near Indigenous, Black, and Brown communities.

Key points of Carbon Pricing Report:

  • Carbon trading, carbon offsets and REDD+ are fraudulent climate mitigation mechanisms that help corporations and governments to continue extracting and burning fossil fuels.
  • Revenues distributed to communities from carbon trading or carbon pricing never compensate for the destruction wrought by the extraction and pollution process required to obtain that revenue.
  • The injustices, racism and colonialism of carbon pricing schemes have worldwide effects that require international resistance.

This publication will help communities and organizations articulate crucial points to resist carbon pricing and climate change.

**Digital Version of Carbon Report**

The following is a statement from the co-authors of the report:

“The linking of carbon markets across the United States and the World is a tool that fossil-fuel companies have shaped and built to continue to extract and dump on frontline communities.  Carbon pricing is a slap on the wrist, a reward really.  History shows that, it does not have the ability to move us away from oil addiction, or reach our targets for climate justice. The only true way to reach our goals of 1.5C is to stop the fossil fuel machine at source, to provide stricter regulations, and to hold polluters accountable for their legacy of pollution.  We need this Just Transition to survive! This report demonstrates through a historical and international lens the mounting threats these markets have wreaked on frontline communities across the world.  It is a call to action for community resistance and resilience.” — Angela Adrar, Executive Director of the Climate Justice Alliance.

“Our Indigenous Peoples and people of color climate justice alliances saw a need to put together a publication that demystifies the carbon market regimes constantly being pushed upon our communities by environmental and climate organizations. Under the rubric of carbon pricing, these cap-and-trade, carbon offsets, carbon tax systems are false solutions that do not cut emissions at source, create toxic hot spots, and result in land grabs and violations of human rights and rights of Indigenous peoples in the forest regions of developing countries. People have a right to know the truth about these national and global initiatives that are nothing but the financialization of nature, the privatization of Mother Earth.” — Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director of the Indigenous Environmental Network

“First of all if we are here it’s because we have a problem. I came here with a mission from my community to bring messages to the cop. These carbon trading mechanism are being implanted in the state of Acre Brazil and they are also implementing carbon offsets in Acre. The first thing that these carbon offset projects cause is division in our communities and when indigenous people and indigenous leaders are divided, there are very adverse social impacts. Everywhere I’ve gone I’ve seen that carbon trading and carbon offsets are not a solution to climate change , it does not reduce pollution, it does not reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In the Brazilian amazon we are seeing a lot of carbon offsets projects with very adverse impacts for our peoples. What’s happening is that Indigenous Peoples are being criminalized by these carbon offset projects. We’re not destroying the forest. We’re the ones who protecting the forest. Now they are offering our communities money in exchange so that the big polluting companies can use our forests for sponges for their pollution. I am saddened to be here at COP23 because this is just one big carbon trading convention. The government and industries are not defending life on earth, they are doing business, they are figuring out ways to make more money. They don’t care about what is happening in our communities, they don’t care about what we’re suffering. All they care about is their profits. Furthermore, climate change is not going to end or be reduced by their solutions, it’s just about a bunch of lies. People don’t know what’s happening with these false solutions in my community and that’s why I’m here, so I really hope that my message is heated and heard, we must not forget that life itself is at stake and we must not believe the lies of industries and governments.” — Ninawa Inu​ ​Huni kim,​ Chief and ​President​ ​of​ ​the​ ​ Federacao Huni​ ​Kui​ ​People​ ​of​ ​Acre

“I think this is a very significant event today launching this Carbon Pricing Report: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance because the future of the planet will depend on communities standing strong against false solutions. COP is nothing but a carbon stock exchange because what is really being discussed on the negotiation floors are deals, who can buy what and sell what, who has the rights to keep polluting, whether it’s trees in Nigeria or Kenya or Cameron or Uganda…The polluters don’t want to change from the pattern that has brought us to where we are at today and this is the sickening and the sad thing about the COP. How can we pretend that fiction will solve reality. Carbon Pricing is fiction, selling the price of air, of carbon, and doing anything to stop the pollution but instead they keep pumping the toxic stuff into the atmosphere. I think this report is so vital because it shows that the time to stop green-washing is now.” – Nnimmo Bassey, Director, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, No REDD in Africa Network, , Oil Watch, Nigeria, Africa


Jade Begay,Communications Coordinator Indigenous Environmental Network

jade@ienearth.org, whatsapp +1 505 699 4791

Media Advisory: Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance to Launch “Carbon Pricing Report” at UN Climate Talks.

It Takes Roots - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 6:18am

Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance to Launch “Carbon Pricing Report” at UN Climate Talks.

In response to the promotion of false solutions like carbon trading, grassroots and frontline organization launch ‘Carbon Pricing Report’.

Bonn, Germany — While city, state, and national leaders gather at the UN Climate Talks to launch and implement platforms and agendas that promote carbon trading, carbon offsets, and REDD+, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Climate Justice Alliance take a bold stance to reject and challenge these so-called innovative solutions by releasing the “Carbon Pricing Report: A Critical Perspective for Community Resistance”.

This report provides in-depth context to why carbon market systems will not mitigate climate change, will not advance adaptation strategies, will not serve the most vulnerable communities facing climate change  impacts and only protect the fossil fuel industry and corporations from taking real climate action.

On Wednesday, November 15th, Indigenous Peoples who are impacted by the fossil fuel industry and who will be impacted by these false solutions (carbon markets) will speak at COP23 and demand that their community based solutions be recognized by decision-makers at all levels.

**Link to Previous Press Conference**

What: Indigenous Environmental Network and Climate Justice Alliance launch carbon pricing report to challenge the promotion and implementation of carbon markets.


18:00 – 18:30 (6pm – 6:30)  (Local Bonn Time)


Press Conference Room 2 Theatre | BULA Zone 3


Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network, United States

Isabella Zizi, Youth Organizer, Idle No More SF Bay, United States, California

Ninawa Inu​ ​Huni kim,​ Chief and ​President​ ​of​ ​the​ ​ Federacao Huni​ ​Kui​ ​People​ ​of​ ​Acre,​ ​

Nnimmo Bassey, Director, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, No REDD in Africa Network, , Oil Watch, Nigeria, Africa

Alberto Saldamando, Legal Expert on Human Rights and Indigenous Rights, Indigenous Environmental Network.



Jade Begay,Communications Coordinator, Indigenous Environmental Network, jade@ienearth.org; whatsapp +1-505-699-4791

DOJ Targets 29 'Sanctuary Cities' in Latest Salvo

NNIRR - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 3:00am
Story Type:  Article Story Author:  Alan Neuhauser Story Publisher:  US News & World Report

The Justice Department on Wednesday escalated its crackdown on so-called "sanctuary" jurisdictions, naming more than two dozen cities, counties and states across America that it believes may be out of compliance with l

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Letter to the Editor: Healthcare is a Human Right

VWC - Wed, 11/15/2017 - 12:00am

Originally published in the Vermont Commons

Consider anyone you have cared about — a friend, family member, co-worker, neighbor — who has had or will face a life-threatening illness.

I don’t believe that some of these folks should receive helpful health care while others with fewer resources should not. Your cousin or sibling with cancer and little money has just as much of a right to treatment as my sick loved one. Period.

That’s the world I want to live in, and the world I want for my fellow Vermonters. Our health care should not be a privilege, commodity, or object of political bargaining; in 2017, it should be a fundamental human right.

In other Western democracies, citizens from all ends of the political spectrum support systems that ensure decent health care for all, and they expect that if they need care it will be available. Even with the wider availability of “coverage” that the Affordable Care Act offers, many people in this country still have little or no functional access to good health care.

In the wealthiest country on the planet this is not okay. People who are sick should not be subject to the added stress of worrying about whether they can get care.

This is why I support the Healthcare Is a Human Right Campaign, which is committed to seeing the vision of Act 48 enacted.

Act 48 is already the law in Vermont. While former Governor Peter Shumlin pulled the plug on attempts to fund Act 48, the law itself stands. Now, we need to gather momentum behind the movement that insists that our legislators fund Act 48 to implement affordable, high-quality, comprehensive, publicly financed health-care coverage for every Vermonter.

Manny Mansbach

Athens, Vermont

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Pass the Dream Act Now!

NNIRR - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 3:56pm
Story Type:  Blog Story Publisher:  NNIRR

Join supporters around the country today and send a message to Congress to pass the #DreamActNOW

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White House Event at UN Climate Talks Overshadowed by Indigenous, Black and, Latinx Water and Land Cer

It Takes Roots - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 11:26am
White House Event at UN Climate Talks Overshadowed by Indigenous, Black and, Latinx Water and Land Ceremony

Delegates from North, South and Latin America uplift Climate Change Impacted Voices in Civil Disobedience Action at COP23.

Bonn, Germany – On November 13, 2017, The Trump Administration will held it’s only event, “The Role of Cleaner and More Efficient Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power in Climate Mitigation”, at the UN Climate Talks (COP23) to promote coal and nuclear as a solution to climate change.

The event, hosted by the White House, featured speakers from Peabody Energy and NuScale Power, who promoted fossil fuels as a way to cut emissions and who claimed these industries will benefit “poor communities” globally.

In response, Indigenous Peoples from across the world who represent both low income communities and communities impacted first and hardest by climate change, led a demonstration of song and prayer at the White House event to send a clear message: Keeping coal and nuclear in our energy mix is in complete contradiction to any meaningful climate action plan. The promotion of coal and nuclear power by the United States has serious global impacts and is not an acceptable solution to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

With this event, the Trump Administration is revealing its lack of cooperation with the global community, is promoting dying industries, and is putting more people, especially Indigenous and climate-vulnerable communities at even more risk.

Participant Quotes:

“As Indigenous Peoples with a close relationship to nature, the expansion of fossil fuels extraction and combustion will cause further disruption to the harmony of life as we know it. The dangers and risks of creating a nuclear chain reaction, splitting of atoms and from this so-called nuclear energy, is the creation of nuclear waste that could end up being dumped in sacred Indigenous Peoples treaty lands. The White House policy is rooted in environmental racism and objectifies Mother Earth to no end”, – Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network.

“The current leadership in the United States is extremely disconnected from communities on the frontlines. We suffer every day because of the decisions made in closed rooms without our feedback and participation. The solutions that American people need are solutions that are built by the community. My community, for example, is already doing this work. We are transitioning our community to end systematic dependence on the hydrocarbon industry, we are creating a new democratic economy centered around sustainable methods of productions, distribution, consumption, and recycling, which is locally and cooperatively owned.” – Monica Atkins, Cooperation Jackson.

In Response to America’s Pledge, Californians Ask Governor Brown: Still In for What?

It Takes Roots - Tue, 11/14/2017 - 7:09am


In Response to America’s Pledge, Californians Ask Governor Brown: Still In for What?

As California Governor Jerry Brown arrives to UN Climate Talks to Promote His Climate Agenda, Californians and Frontline Groups Put Pressure on the Governor to Take Bolder Climate Action to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Bonn, Germany – Today, Californians and those on the frontlines of climate change disrupted Governor Jerry Brown at the American’s Pledge event at the UN climate talks to confront his support of fossil fuels in his state of California.

Governor Brown, deemed ‘America’s Climate Hero,’ has come to the climate talks to promote California as a global model of climate leadership. However, Indigenous Peoples, frontline communities, environmentalists and climate activists held this non-violent direct action to expose his ties to big oil and false solutions such as carbon markets.

In a newly released report, the Center for Biological Diversity found that three-quarters of the oil produced in California is as climate-damaging as Canadian tar sands crude. Moreover, many of California’s oilfields and refineries operate next to homes and schools, particularly in communities of color already overburdened by toxic pollution.

From refusing to ban fracking to letting oil companies dump toxic waste into underground water supplies, Governor Brown promotes policies that incentivize oil and gas production in the state. His cap-and-trade extension includes provisions written by oil lobbyists that prevent state and local agencies from directly limiting carbon emissions from oil refineries. He has also failed to shut down the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, where the largest methane leak in U.S. history forced thousands to flee their homes in 2015.

The groups are calling on Governor Brown to ban new drilling and fracking, phase out fossil fuel production, and commit to a just transition to clean energy for all.

Participant Quotes:

“Northern California has five refineries stretching along our Bay on the North East side of San Francisco. Those living along this Refinery Corridor experience continuous negative health effects such as respiratory problems, birth defects, leukemia and cancers. California’s answer to our global climate crisis, the Cap and Trade extension (AB 398), will continue allowing refineries to expand, pollute, and ultimately destroy life. The Phillips 66 Refinery in Rodeo, CA  plans to expand their marine terminal to increase crude oil imports by water from 30,000 barrels a day to 130,000 barrels a day. We will not let this happen. Decision makers around the world need to understand that Governors Jerry Brown’s carbon market scheme will continue killing our people and poisoning our water, air, and soil. We will not accept the false solution of carbon trading that increase pollution in our hometowns while violating indigenous rights and human rights around the world. We must keep fossil fuels in the ground.” – Daniel Ilario, Idle No More SF/Bay Area

“I wanted to leave a message here, for humanity and all of planet, that the peoples need to join to defend Mother Nature, the soil, water and air because they are being threatened. And humanity needs Nature to survive. So I want to say that Nature and the air are not a means of commerce for anyone and it’s every human’s right to live in peace. Jerry Brown’s “American Pledge” will lead to the displacement of my people and the destruction of my territory. We need to respect the rights of Nature and humans beings that need her to survive.” Ninawa Nuneshuni Kui, President of the Huni Kui People of Acre, Brazil.

“Californians have been asking Governor Brown for years to step up and be a true climate leader. If he is going to be celebrated by the world as a climate leader, he needs to commit to the communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction. Real climate leaders don’t frack. This isn’t just about Californians. The world needs Jerry Brown to do more in his own state.” Eva Malis, Young person from Valencia, CA


Jade Begay, Media Coordinator, Indigenous Environmental Network, jade@ienearth.org; whatsapp +1-505-699-4791

2018 USAS National Conference!

USAS - Mon, 11/13/2017 - 1:09pm

The semester is almost over, which means it is time to get ready for our favorite event of the year… the USAS NATIONAL CONFERENCE! This year, on February 23-24, Rutgers University-New Brunswick is hosting. Register today!

Rutgers is a massive public university and the largest employer in New Brunswick, which currently has a poverty rate double the New Jersey state average. Rutgers USAS is currently in our second year running the #Fightfor15 for all Rutgers workers. Community groups and unions around the state believe the RUSAS campaign will have a serious ripple effect on New Jersey’s #Fightfor15. Join Rutgers USAS in the fight against poverty and further financialization of the university. Let’s come together on February 23-24 and continue building a national movement for worker and student power.

Working alongside unions on your campus? Invite them to join us too. This year, our USAS National Conference will be coinciding with the Bargaining for the Common Good in Higher Ed Convening. This is an incredible opportunity for us to come together around the unique challenges workers and students are facing on our campuses.

Together we are strong and together WE WILL WIN!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

In solidarity,
Rutgers USAS Local 109


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