Nao Al Golpe! No to the Coup in Brazil!

“The coup is not only against the Dilma government, but against the majority of the Brazilian people. The coup may intensify the withdrawal of the historically won rights and start a conservative and fascist process against the poor, Black communities, Indigenous Peoples, the landless, LGBT community members, youth and women. So for that reason we are on the frontline against this process and at the same time, the struggle for land, for agrarian reform, and the structural reforms that will benefit the people.”

- Kelli Malfort, Movimento Trabalhaores Sem Terra (MST), Brazil


The COP21 Paris Accord failed humanity, and impacted communities must take things into our own hands and push at all levels of government.

As impacted communities, we are deeply aware of the imperative of the climate crisis.  Our waters are being poisoned from fossil fuel extraction, our livelihoods are threatened by floods and drought, our communities are the hardest hit and the least protected in extreme weather events.  The climate crisis is a reality, but the COP21 Paris Accord is not based on that reality.

MEDIA ADVISORY: It Takes Roots Statement on the Protest Ban in Paris

November 23, 2015

No War, No Warming – Build an Economy for People and Planet

Despite the ban on Protest in Paris, we will be there to raise our voices against war, racism and pollution profiteering. We stand in solidarity with the countless victims of recent violence in Paris, Beirut, and Mali, as well as their families and loved ones.

Tunisia: Another World is Possible, A United Movement is Necessary

Today in Tunis, Tunisia, the site of the upcoming World Social Forum (WSF) 2015 from March 24-28, a horrific situation unfolded in the Bardo Museum, nearby the Parliament building, in which an estimated 21 people (tourists, tunisians and gunmen) were killed and 38 wounded. According to Al Jazeera, authorities in Tunisia are saying the attack is over.  We want to express our sincere condolences to the victims of this attack and their loved ones.

Our ally Souha Ben Othman from the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women shared with us this morning: