The Global 1% and their Private Army

NATO & G8 Meet in the United States in May 2012

2012 is the first time since 1977 and the crises of the 1970s that NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and G8 (Group of Eight) will meet almost “together” – with the G8 convening at Camp David, MD and NATO in Chicago. Both will discuss today’s economic, ecological, and political crises and how to manage them in the interests of the global capitalists – the 1% of the world’s richest and most powerful economic and political elites.

CJN! Statement: COP17 Succumbs to Climate Apartheid

COP17 succumbs to Climate Apartheid

Antidote is Cochabamba Peoples’ Agreement

Durban, S. Africa, 11 December, 2011 – Decisions resulting from the UN COP17 climate summit in Durban constitute a crime against humanity, according to Climate Justice Now! a broad coalition of social movements and civil society. Here in South Africa, where the world was inspired by the liberation struggle of the country’s black majority, the richest nations have cynically created a new regime of climate apartheid.