GGJ Statement for International Women's Day 2019

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This Friday March 8th, on the 110th International Women’s Day, GGJ will join millions of people around the world to celebrate the victories that women, femmes and gender variant people have made in the historical struggle for self determination and resistance against patriarchy.

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The Fralib Factory Occupation - A Primer on Corporate Greed by Michael Leon Guerrero

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I just had the honor to spend the afternoon with workers of the Fralib tea factory in the south of France. It is an amazing story of corporate greed and the beautiful resistance of the workers and an indictment of capitalism. No one wins in this economic model but CEOs and shareholders. You be the judge...

A Closer Look at Black Workers for Justice: Fighting for Human Rights in North Carolina and Beyond

GGJ Coordinating Committee member Black Workers for Justice is a powerhouse of an organization. This year marks BWFJ’s 20th year of tireless organizing to build power among African-American workers in the fight for justice, self-determination and human rights.