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Jonathan Kissam on the Vermont Breakthrough: Universal Health Care through Grassroots Organizing

On May 26, Vermont’s new governor signed a universal healthcare bill that promises to be truly universal, in contrast to the federal Affordable Care Act.  While the passage of the bill itself has received attention from the national media, few have told the story of the grassroots organizing that made this breakthrough possible, changing what is “politically possible” through a massive campaign that has engaged tens of thousands of working-class and low-income Vermonters as political actors.

Francisca Porchas on the International Symposium on the Climate Crisis, Mexican Action Network Against Free Trade

This past June 20-21st I had the honor of traveling to Mexico City, Mexico representing GGJ  at the “International Symposium on the Climate Crisis: from Cancun to Durban and Rio + 20” organized by RMALC (Red Mexicana de Accion Frente al Libre Comercio), Mexican Action Network Against Free Trade and UAM (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico).

Day 3: Senegal by Nikke Alex of BMWC

Day 3: Senegal

Last night, our delegation planned to meet at 7AM. My roommate and I had set our alarms at 6AM. We heard the alarms at 6AM but turned them off. The next thing I remember is my roommate's phone ringing, and we both jumped up. It was 8:08AM. Oops... We hurriedly got ready and met up with our group. We made the last 10 minutes of the meeting.

Rio+20 and the rush to sell nature's invisible labor

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by Daniel Kim on Saturday, February 26, 2011

One of the theoretical gems of my recent trip to Dakar came from hearing Bolivia's UN Ambassador Pablo Solon talk about "environmental services," like the "service" performed by a forest when it removes carbon from the air!