GGJ Supports Community Demands on Chevron in Richmond, CA

The Chevron Richmond refinery is proposing a project that would increase greenhouse gases and toxic pollutants into the air while not addressing the range of safety concerns.  This project is an expansion that will increase the processing of dirtier, higher sulfur crude guaranteeing even more devastating impacts on people and the planet. For example, greenhouse gas emissions could increase by 900,000 metric tons per year, the equivalent of 190,000 additional cars on the road.  Currently, Richmond community members already face increased rates of asthma, cancer, and low birthweight babies.  As we saw with the refinery explosion and fire in August 2012, the issues of the pollution and safety not only affected the 15,000 people who sought medical care, but also put workers within the refinery and the surrounding communities in the bay area at risk.  In addition, as the largest greenhouse gas emitter in California, this refinery is damaging our climate and our global community’s survival.  Meanwhile, Chevron made $25.2 billion in profits in 2013, ranking #3 on the Fortune 500.

On April 17, 2014, the Richmond Planning Commission will be taking comments from the public about the environmental impact review of Chevron’s proposed expansion project.  Grassroots Global Justice stands in solidarity with the demands of our member organizations, Asian Pacific Environmental Network and Communities for a Better Environment, in calling for:

  • Support of community and worker safety & health
  • No increase in local pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Replacement of outdated dangerous equipment using the safest available technology
  • Community-based solar repowering for cleaner energy and more jobs


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