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Report from the Rio+20 Planning Meeting 10/21-25, 2011 by CIndy Wiesner

“Let's Reinvent the World” Slogan from the Rio+20 Organizing Committee

On October 21-25, 2011 GGJ was invited to attend Rio+20 planning meetings in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The meetings were part of building the process towards the 20th anniversary of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (called Rio+20 for short) in June 2012. 

The Fralib Factory Occupation - A Primer on Corporate Greed by Michael Leon Guerrero

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I just had the honor to spend the afternoon with workers of the Fralib tea factory in the south of France. It is an amazing story of corporate greed and the beautiful resistance of the workers and an indictment of capitalism. No one wins in this economic model but CEOs and shareholders. You be the judge...

Five Critical Lessons from Vermont’s Universal Healthcare Struggle


By James Haslam, Director, Vermont Workers’ Center

Reprinted with permission

[Note: This was written to share at our Summer Leadership Retreat and with our peers around the country. It has been a true honor to work with so many amazing and committed people. There were countless lessons learned in the past three years, these are five we wanted to lift up as valuable for our road ahead building a movement with our counterparts everywhere. They were earned by the tireless work of hundreds of people. ]

A Closer Look at Black Workers for Justice: Fighting for Human Rights in North Carolina and Beyond

GGJ Coordinating Committee member Black Workers for Justice is a powerhouse of an organization. This year marks BWFJ’s 20th year of tireless organizing to build power among African-American workers in the fight for justice, self-determination and human rights.


With political conditions in North Carolina resembling regressive


In this interview, Angaza Sababu Laughinghouse – BWFJ leader/organizer, President of the N.C. Public Service Workers Union-UE Local 150 and representative on the GGJ coordinating committee – talks about GGJ's contributions to BWFJ's support in UE150’s fight for worker rights in North Carolina  

One of the chief goals of BWFJ has been organizing workers in the public sector  and workers in general in the South, because there are very few basic laws to protect workers' democratic and human rights here in this historically racist, repressive and reactionary region.

Esther Vivas and Josep Maria Antentas: L@s Indignad@s

Spanish state: the movement of the “Indignad@s” and its perspectives

Beyond the special characteristics of each country, what has been happening both in the Spanish state and in Greece, after the start of the uprisings in the Arab world, will have consequences throughout the continent. Hence the importance of a thorough analysis of the reality and potential of these large protests. Esther Vivas and Josep Maria Antentas give us their opinion about the meaning of the “Indignad@s” movement.