The People's Climate March 2014: A Climate Justice Story

The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) along with its staff, members, and allies served on the leadership team that helped organize the historic People’s Climate March and a series of other events during the People’s Climate Week, September 20-23, 2014.

Several groups that helped to organize the People’s Climate March have shared their stories and perspectives of the march and how they helped to make it a reality.  Many CJA members have read and appreciate the contributions they’ve made to the historical record in the telling of their stories. Contained in the pages of this report is the CJA story.  It reflects our understanding, experiences, and analyses in the process of planning and organizing the Climate Week mobilizations, actions and events.  We also share lessons we’ve learned along the way.  This report is not meant to be a definitive account of the organizing process; rather to add our voices— the CJA narrative—into the mix.

We invite you to read our story...

Click here to download a PDF of The People's Climate March 2014: A Climate Justice Story

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