It Takes Roots National Direct Action + Community Resiliency Camp 2018

From climate disaster to mass displacement, our communities are at the frontlines of building resilient resistance and taking direct action to transform our world.  From JUNE 1 - 5, It Takes Roots and the Ruckus Society are bringing together leaders from across our alliances for our first of its kind Direct Action & Community Resiliency Camp at Wildseed in Millerton, NY. 



The It Takes Roots Alliances (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Climate Justice Alliance, Right to the City Alliance, Indigenous Environmental Network), are so excited to announce the It Takes Roots & The Ruckus Society, National Direct Action + Community Resiliency Camp  to train up our forces on an array of strategic + tactical & self and community based resilience skills to build across our alliances and prepare to continue to wage visionary opposition for our collective liberation.

What is an Action Camp?
A Ruckus Action Camp is an intensive 5 day, off the grid, full immersion training space that brings together leaders, organizers and community members from across many of our communities to do a deep dive into direct action skills, theory and practice. The camp seeks to create a space for participants to familiarize and practice and array of tactical skills, share collective community knowledge around strategy and provide opportunities for community members to share, practice and envision together.

Direct Action + Survival Skills – Resiliency in the age of climate disaster
Together with Ruckus, this national camp will be a groundbreaking and first of its kind that seeks to provide in-depth training for our folks in both direct action skills and survival skills. As more and more of our communities are impacted by hurricanes, floods, fires and massive displacement, our need to deepen our capacities to survive amidst climate disaster is critical and move us toward a just transition.

Some of the skills & topics include:

Direct Action Skills & Practice:

  • Action Planning (all the roles and considerations of planning direct actions)
  • Scouting Skills during actions planning + survival scenarios (food, water, shelter)
  • Climbing Skills (in tree climbing and rescue settings. This also includes how to building platforms.)
  • Rigging + Knots (for banner rigging usage + as a survival skill)
  • Blockades (working with PVC Pipes, materials and preparing for blockades at actions OR to take control of our communities)
  • De-escalation during actions + time of community crisis
  • Affinity Group Structure (and neighborhood organizing structures)

Earth/Resiliency Skills:

  • Water Catchment / Purification
  • Plant & Food Identification
  • Passive Solar Cooking / Installing Solar Energy
  • Disaster Permaculture
  • Plant Medicine & Disaster First Aid
  • Physical Defense & Safety
  • Healing & Resiliency in times of trauma

The camp will also have deep political education, lots of team building and workshops to learn about each other’s work.

There will be a registration cost for the camp. Stipends will be available.   No one will be turned away for lack of funds, but everyone will be asked to contribute to the fundraising for the camp.

Much of the housing will be camping in tents, but there is limited cabin space available as well.

Space is limited for the camp. Priority will be given to active leaders in each of the Alliances.

Applications are due by Thursday March 15.   CLICK HERE FOR APPLICATION

If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Sharon Lungo (The Ruckus Society):
Kandi Mossett (Indigenous Environmental Network):
Malcolm Torrejón Chu (Right to the City Alliance):
Ananda Tan (Climate Justice Alliance):
Jaron Browne (Grassroots Global Justice Alliance):

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