Inter-Alliance Dialogue

The Inter-Alliance Dialogue Standing Committee coordinates GGJ's participation in the Inter-Alliance Dialogue, which consists of six national networks: GGJ, Jobs with Justice, National Domestic Workers Alliance, National Day Labor Organizing Network, Right to the City, and Pushback Network.


GGJ members and staff break down the challenges and milestones of the global justice movement since the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999.

Listen to stories from these GGJ leaders and organizers who have been on the frontlines of this work:  

GGJ Supports the Honduran People's Resistance in Boycotting November 29 Elections

GGJ Supports the Honduran People's Resistance in Boycotting November 29 Elections

 Support for the Boycott is support for Honduran Democracy



Since the illegal military coup of June 28, 2009 that put dictator Roberto Micheletti in power, the Honduran people have endured systematic state-sponsored attacks on their democratic rights to assembly, protest, privacy and safety. 


GGJ and Inter-Alliance Dialogue Presenting before Congressional Progressive Caucus

GGJ Representatives Jihan Gearon of the Indigenous Environmental Network and Tammy Bang Luu of the Labor Community Strategy Center are presenting testimony before the Congressional Progressive Caucus this morning at 10am eastern. Tammy and Jihan are part of a delegation of the Inter-Alliance Dialogue to present on the theme: Voices from the Front Lines: A Recovery Package for Democracy. The delegation will present on a range of issues including housing, workers rights, immigrant rights and environmental/climate justice. GGJ's testimony will focus on the impact of the fossil fuel economy and propose policy solutions compiled by our Global Well-Being Working Group. We will send the transcript of their testimonies later today. The event is coordinated in conjunction with the Institute for Policy Studies and the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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