International Women's Day 2017

On this International Women’s Day, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance celebrates women and the long fought legacy of women’s leadership in social movements, past and present. We know there is a long road ahead, but we remember the words of Berta Cáceres, who said so simply and accurately, “We have to wake up! We have to wake up, humankind! We’re out of time.” Berta aligned herself with indigenous peoples struggles, anti-mining and extractivism, and women’s and peasants movements. She was an unrelenting fighter for her peoples, a feminist, an internationalist, and a revolutionary. Berta fought for life, for land, for dignity, and for happiness! We commit ourselves to continue organizing and living in her legacy.

In the wake of the 1st anniversary of her assassination, we are centering our work in her legacy. Check out the report of the delegation that went to Honduras and this video of Berta’s daughter Bertita pledging solidarity with the US social movement under the xenophobic policies of Trump.

Watch with English audio interpretation.

Watch in Spanish without interpretation.

In the spirit of Berta Cáceres, and in defense of our people and our land, we will raise our voices, defend our dignity, and keep marching until all of us are free!

On this International Women’s Day, we called on women & gender non-conforming leaders of GGJ to offer guidance and perspective:

"This International Women's Day, and every day, we remember the call put out by our sister Berta Cáceres, to wake up as humanity and to take action to defend and protect Mother Earth.  We join with GGJ and many other organizations in demanding an end to US military aid to Honduras by calling for passage of the Berta Cáceres Human Rights in Honduras Act, and we look forward to marching in the streets with of Boston as part of the Day Without Women mobilizations."

Sarah Mersha, Grassroots International

“On International Women’s Day we are organizing a Rally in front of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Field Office in Miami. We pledge to stand not just against injustices that directly affect ourselves and our communities but all issues that affect women, femmes and their families. Today we want to send a strong message to our elected officials. From our local county and city commissioners, to our Governor, to our Congressional members and Mayors: The new administration will not be an excuse to promote politics of hate, bigotry and discrimination against us and our families in the sunshine state. Women and Femmes are Unbreakable and we will continue standing up for not just the rights of undocumented and immigrant communities or the trans community or Muslim communities, it also means standing up for anyone fighting for justice in reproductive rights or environmental rights. No one is free until we are ALL free.”

Marcia Olivo, Miami Workers Center

“APEN honors the feminist leadership embedded in the history of our environmental justice movement. We who make up APEN, from staff to community leaders, are all proud to continue in this legacy and recognize the right for self determination of women and gender non-conforming peoples on International Women's Day and every day. Now more than ever, in the face of threats of displacement from our neighborhoods, and amidst the long fight against the toxic fossil fuel industry, we declare our commitment to a climate justice agenda, an agenda for a Just Transition.”

Mei-Ying Williams, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

The World March of Women unite our voices to honor the historic and vivid struggles of women and feminist movements around the world. In the present context, women, in the North and South are facing the most harmful aggression of their rights, impacting in the increasing violence in forms of femicide, forced migration leading to women’s exploitation, traumas and deaths. There are many reasons to stand together. Read the International Women's Day statement here.

We come united as global women, with the same voice we raised in our 10th international meeting “women in resistance, building alternatives for a better world” because, as we said, our movement is our alternative. We believe that by joining efforts with other women’s movements that are active in this call, we will strengthen the struggle around issues of common concern and we will gain more hope! 

GGJ members are active on the ground in communities across the country. Together women and gender oppressed people are demanding dignity, sovereignty, and collective liberation. Below are some events you can support and ways you can plug into International Women’s Day:

In honor of International Women’s Day, Indigenous Environmental Network has scheduled a day of Women's programing at the Tipi Encampment on the National Mall during the Native Nations Rise events in Washington DC. The day will begin by celebrating women as the keepers of the water with a water ceremony and blessing. The work and memory of Berta Cáceres will be featured with an afternoon of discussion and film showings. There will be a panel to discuss the roles of women past and present from older generations to younger generations.

“We are honoring the Indigenous Women of the Americas and will have a treaty signing, and will be carrying on the spirit throughout the year with the Women's Treaty of the Americas.” Kandi Mossett, IEN

The SouthWest Organizing Project’s New Mexico CON MUJERES (with women) will honor community with “8 Hours of Courage and Love”: Women indigenous healers, immigration activists, community organizers, artivist poets authors and singers will recreate, co create and create the information, strategy and origins of women as nurturers and warriors, all streamed on Facebook Live.  Tune in here throughout the day to witness and get inspired.

“Throughout the entire year NM Con Mujeres, with community, addresses the violence and poverty, strength and courage of women with the occupation of public spaces, legislative and elected officials accountability and education reinforcing our healthy gender and climate origins, healing and mission.” Beva, SWOP

Southwest Workers Union has scheduled events throughout the month of March that uplift women's stories and shifting economic and environmental justice narratives through the lens of women.  On March 11th SWU's Movement Gallery will host the Sister Solidarity Art Show, an event that celebrate the bonds of sisterhood and recognize the power of mujeres. The gallery will also feature three poets leading community writing workshops with a strong focus on healing from trauma.

“SWU believes women workers are the center of our struggles for economic and environmental justice, our domestic workers union, Trabajadores del Hogar en Accion is building mujer worker power through leadership development on cooperative economies and reframing the call for jobs to include living wages and reproductive rights.” Diana, SWU

Causa Justa is making the link between immigrant rights and feminism by lifting up immigrant women's leadership and linking newly mobilized women to long term immigrant-led anti-deportation campaigns in SF & Alameda Counties. They are connecting with the Women's March mobilization on March 8th and co-sponsoring a community march on March 11th.

“I carry the spirit of International Workers Day to the rest of the year by organizing shoulder-to-shoulder with working class Black and Latina women and gender oppressed people. We carry the spirit of those young immigrant garment workers who started this mobilization at the turn of the century, as we stand up for the rights of migrants, refugees, the displaced and the disenfranchised, building new and cross-racial alliances towards our collective liberation.” Maria Poblet, Causa Justa, Just Cause

The Women's March is organizing “A Day Without Women” - a one-day strike demonstrating economic solidarity. Our work today is in the streets and our communities. Women around the world are acting together to demand dignity and equity.

You can find more information on A Day Without A Woman in the FAQs here.

In the same spirit of love and liberation that inspired the Women’s March, women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women.