Just Transition: Building an Economy for the People & the Planet

Just Transition is framework for building campaigns that are both visionary and oppositional.   Many times our movements are so focused on fighting against the attacks we are facing, we don't have the capacity to also advance demands that offer an alternative vision of the things we want.  The concept of Just Transition grew out of the environmental justice movements over the last 30 years, where the struggles from impacted communities against coal mines and oil refineries are met in direct opposition by workers who depend on these dirty industries to survive.  Just Transition campaigns across the country are not only fighting some of the worst manifestation of extraction, militarism, and pollution--they are also advancing real alternatives for both energy production and economic self-determination so that livelihood cannot be pitted against health or the environment.  

In partnership with the Climate Justice Alliance, GGJ is supporting our members in both broadening the understanding of Just Transition strategy through a series of Just Transition Assemblies across the country.  We are also supporting our members in sharpening the application of this strategy to local conditions and campaigns through Just Transition Strategy Labs.

Just Transition Assemblies
Seattle, Washington: September, 2016 hosted by Got Green? and Front and Centered
Providence, Rhode Island: August 2016, Political Education Intensive hosted by the Environmental Justice League
Burlington, Vermont: May 2016, hosted by the Vermont Workers Center and Migrant Justice
Detroit, Michigan: April 2016, hosted by the East Michigan Environmental Action Council

Bellingham, Washington: August 13-15, 2015 hosted by Community to Community Developmend and Got Green?
Jackson, Mississippi: June 26-28, 2015 hosted by Cooperation Jackson

Just Transition Strategy Labs
Iraq Veterans Against the War - Just Transition Strategy Lab on the Drop the MIC Campaign, Date and Location TBD