Grassroots Global Justice Alliance applauds Obama decision to reject Keystone XL Pipeline proposal

The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) congratulates President Obama on his decision to reject the Keystone XL pipeline proposal. "We're glad that he didn't cave in to the corporate interests and the political games being played in Congress," says Michael Leon Guerrero, "It's an important step in stopping the disaster that is tar sands production."


Tar sands are the dirtiest form of oil, generating two to three times the greenhouse gas emissions of regular oil development, making the industry a significant contributor to global climate change. The entire tar sands industry will literally rip up the North American continent - stripping forests in Canada, widening highways through rural and Indigenous lands in the U.S. Northwest to move massive machinery to tar sands fields, building pipelines through farmlands and sensitive ecosystems in the plains states to transport dirty crude to be processed in poisonous refineries in the Gulf Coast.


"Tar sands that would have been transported through the Keystone XL pipeline and processed at Detroit’s Marathon Oil refinery are no longer a reality," says Ahmina Maxey of the Detroit based East Michigan Environmental Action Council, "Tar sands are dirty, dangerous and unnecessary - but they are profitable for the 1%. We're glad that President Obama made a decision in the interests of the 99% and the planet."


“This is one battle won for our Mother Earth,” said Clayton Thomas-Muller, campaign coordinator with Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign. “Other pipeline battles linked to the Canadian tar sands continue. We remain vigilant in our work with First Nations in Canada and grassroots leaders to halt the tar sands. We are working with activists in British Columbia to stop the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, and other pipelines throughout Canada.”


"We'll continue to stand with our brothers and sisters as this fight unfolds and continue to put pressure on the Obama administration and corporations until they support real solutions to energy solutions that save the planet," says Leon Guerrero.


Grassroots Global Justice is a national alliance of grassroots organizations building a popular movement for peace, democracy and a sustainable world.


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