Media Advisory: Philly Dirty Secret Exposed: “Toxic Tour” During DNC


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Philly Dirty Secret Exposed
The Philadelphia Southport Community Welcomes International Delegation to Bear Witness on a “Toxic Tour” During DNC


Date: Tuesday, July 26th
Time: 10am
Location: 28th & Passyunk, Philadelphia

Press Contact: Lillian Boctor, 917 480
Patrick Ammerman, 513 238

Philadelphia, PA --  On Tuesday, July 26, a delegation of frontline leaders will bear witness to community leaders who are standing up against the refinery and the expansion of the polluting, extractive economy in their neighborhood. From a journey that began at the RNC in Cleveland and ended at the DNC in Philly, The It Takes Roots to Change the System Caravan will be making its final stop: a “Toxic Tour” led by Philly Thrive, ACTION United, and LeftRoots. The It Takes Roots Caravan is a delegation of diverse frontline communities from across the country and around the world. Their caravan has used the political mobilization of this electoral moment to lift up issues, primarily: militarism, feminism, and climate change.

Members of Philly Thrive and ACTION United are continuing their on-going campaign to demand that the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority reject and disqualify any dirty energy proposals at the Southport Marine Terminal, such as the proposal by Philadelphia Energy Solutions. Governor Wolf selects the Board of the Port Authority. Over the past several months, Governor Wolf has repeatedly declined invitations from community members directly impacted by the refinery to hear first-hand from them at public meetings in their communities. He has continually declined these invitations. Members of COPINH (Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras), who are fighting for their land and their water, will be joining the tour, bearing witness to the struggle for safe and healthy communities in Philadelphia.

“Coming from Richmond, CA, a community impacted by fossil fuel refining and transport, I know it is important to bear witness the struggles of local communities against environmental injustice. The worst abuses happen in silence, and these toxic tours are critical to bring the attention of elected officials, government regulators, and the wider public and push for change.” -Timmy Lu, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

The delegation of the It Takes Roots Caravan, ACTION United, Philly Thrive, and LeftRoots will be gathering at a park at 28th and Passyunk Avenue to speak about the issues they all face in their communities. After a march across the Passyunk Bridge, the action will culminate in song, chant and action at the gates of the refinery.  

Caravan participants are available for comment and interviews. 

Twitter: @ggjalliance