GGJ Has Passed the Megaphone to Cindy Wiesner!

Over 100 people gathered at Unity Hall in New York City on September 14, 2012 to commemorate the leadership of Michael Leon Guerrero as National Coordinator of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance from 2004-2012, and to Pass the Megaphone to Cindy Wiesner, welcoming her and honoring her leadership as the new GGJ National Coordinator!


Want to see who was at the party? Check out photos taken by Denise Perry here:


Thanks to all our generous supporters, once we get all our pledges in we will have raised about $29,000 to launch GGJ into this next phase of our work! We raised this through a combination of tactics: in addition to special donations and drinks/merchandise sales, our sponsors contributed $7,500; participants contributed around $6,000 in ticket donations; an incredibly moving pitch by Alicia Garza from POWER brought in another $6,000; and we're so proud to announce that on top of all that, an anonymous donor will be tripling the cash we raised at the event, bringing in an additional $7,500.  There is still about $8,500 in outstanding pledges, so if you pledged but haven't made your donation, please send it in or donate here:

Much appreciation to the members of our Host Committee, Coordinating Committee and Board for outreach and fundraising support; to members of the Planning Committee for coordinating logistics and volunteers; to our fabulous MCs (Maria Poblet of Causa Justa::Just Cause, and Esther Wang of CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities); to our fantastic DJs (Tony Simmons and Phillip Giles of BrainTrustNYC); to our awesome Interpreter (Telesh López of Caracol Interpreters Cooperative); to our volunteer photographer Denise Perry and our volunteer videographer Bakht Arif; to Veda's Cakes and Catering for the delicious food; to CPUSA and Unity Hall for the incredible venue; to Paul Rosen for making the trip to perform music with Michael by Full Circle; to Design Action Collective for the program booklet design; to Grass Roots Press, Inc for the printing; and to everyone who volunteered your time or made a donation!

Host Committee Members: Nikhil Aziz  |  John Cavanagh  |  Marjorie Childress  |  Sarah Christiansen  |  Marjorie Fine  |  Bill Fletcher, Jr. | Harmony Goldberg  |  Priscilla Gonzalez  |  Sarita Gupta  |  Jee Kim  |  Judith LeBlanc  |  Genaro Lopez Rendon  |  Michelle Mascarenhas-Swan  |  June Makela  |  Supriya Pillai  |  Ai-Jen Poo  |  Mark Randazzo  |  Robby Rodriguez  |  Alta Starr  |  Makani Themba  |  Stephen Viederman  |  Helena Wong  |  Sondra Youdelman

Planning Committee Members: Donna Truong, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities; Jason Chan, CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities; Joyce Gill-Campbell, Domestic Workers United; Judith LeBlanc, Peace Action; Talia Schank, Community Voices Heard.

Watch the slideshow played at the event featuring key moments in GGJ history:

Watch a video roast of Michael Leon Guerrero by Colin Rajah of NNIRR: (you may need to turn your head sideways to watch, sorry!)

Watch a message from Sarita Gupta and others of Jobs with Justice:

"Check Check, Who's Coming? Check Check, Who's Leaving?" Watch a message from Hamouda Soubhi of Alternatives Morocco:

Watch a message from Alessandra Ceregatti of the World March of Women:

Text of the message from Alessandra:

"First of all, a big greeting, many hugs and kisses to all ours sisters
and brothers of GGJ.

  I am really glad to express our solidarity to Michael, Cindy and all 
GGJ folks in this moment of passing the torch. I will certainly drink
 some beers to you today. 

I met Michael, Cindy and GGJ through the World Social Forum process, 
organizing and taking part at different events and as members of the 
World Social Forum International Council but, particularly, I met them through
 the process of the Social Movements Assembly.

 Our alliance with GGJ is strong because we recognize each other as
 comrades that have very similar identity – anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-patriarchy. And it is a movement with a lot of women protagonism!  A movement diverse, committed with real struggles going on the ground, based in a lot of action and mobilization on the streets.

 Michael and Cindy put a lot of effort in building this broad alliance 
of movements from around the world and have an internationalist
 attitude: open to listen to the different experiences and cultures and
 to build common views together.

 We know how difficult is to organize movement in the belly of the
 monster with a grassroot, left, and radical agenda. So congratulations to
 all of you! Don’t forget that you have the support from movements from
 all over the world. 

And, as many other brothers and sisters of our movements, Michael and Cindy are wonderful human beings capable of being there for us, 
telling jokes, playing and singing, struggling all day, dancing all

  I felt particularly this when, last year, Michael, Cindy, Wilhelmina
 (from WMW South Africa) drunk a beer for me on my birthday and sent me 
a picture directly from Paris at the World Social Forum IC meeting (of
 course, not during the meeting time).

 So knowing both of you very closely, I am sure you will handle without
 difficulties this transition process. And Michael, we are clear that
 you will continue marching with us until we are all free!! Venceremos!"