Pittsburgh NPR blogpost on People's Voices Panel

Pittsburgh NPR

Panel - Challenging The G20's Agenda of Corporate Globalization

About two hundred people packed Monumental Baptist Church in the Hill District Wednesday afternoon, to hear speakers such as Noble-Prize winning Joseph Stiglitz and Emira Woods, who works in foreign policy at The Institute for Policy Studies.
Stiglitz, the former Chief Economist of the World Bank says we need to retrofit our financial markets.
"Our economies are not working to their potential. At the same time, we have huge unmet needs in climate change, in poverty, so an economic system in which there is huge economic capacity and huge unmet needs. If you can’t solve those problems, that economic system is not functioning the way it should be,'' he said.
Emira Woods spoke of the need for the G20 leaders to speak for all people, including those who don’t have representatives at the summit.
Other speakers included Leo Gerard, President of the United Steel Workers and Carl Redwood Junior of The Hill District Consensus Group. The panel kicks off a series of events that look at the adverse impacts of G-20’s deregulation, privatization and free trade policies.POSTED BY ERIKA BERAS AT 7:35 PM LABELS: