Updates on IAD Healthcare Actions October 15 and October 20, 2009 and Taking on the Banks

Updates on Healthcare Actions

October 15th and 20th Mobilizations for health care reform kicked into high gear this past week and will continue into the following week. These are some of the geographic areas where there have been or will be concentrations of IAD activity (please correct my information if I didn’t get it right):

Alabama - Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM a Pushback Network affiliate) is currently moving a proposal through the economic justice committee to potentially mobilize people for the 20th in Birmingham.  Will have a better idea early next week.

Kentucky - Kentucky Jobs w Justice is currently engaging their membership to see if they would be interested in doing something in the Louisville area.

New Mexico - South West Organizing Project (PBN/GGJ affiliate) in Albuquerque New Mexico is looking to do something on both the 15th and 20th.  They are currently working with their local health care coalitions on what the plan is for either of those days.

Nevada - Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN - PBN affiliate) - are interested in throwing down on the 20th.  PLAN is an HCAN affiliate and will definitely be doing something in the Las Vegas area and potentially up North in Reno.

New York City - IAD affiliate organizations are interested in supporting the HCAN activities on October 20th, which will include a town hall meeting with Congressman Mike McMahon.

San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area - POWER (a GGJ, NDWA and RTC affiliate) and other IAD orgs participated in civil disobedience direct actions in the Bay Area on October 15.
Vermont - The Vermont Workers Center (JwJ and GGJ affiliate) is engaging a post-card campaign targeting screenings of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story. They are pushing for an amendment that would allow the states to implement their own health care plans.
Look out for further report backs from those members that participated in health care reform mobilizations.   

National Immigration Law Center (NILC) Allies at NILC have put together a pamphlet of talking points concerning health care reform and immigrants. Its attached to this email. Please take a look and use it if its useful to your participation in the health care actions. In addition, NILC is trying to move an amendment to existing legislation that places a 5-year waiting period for health coverage eligibility for documented immigrants. Further information on NILC can be found at their website www.nilc.org.

Taking on the Banks

From October 25 – 27, the National Bankers Convention is happening in Chicago. IAD groups are sending delegations to the National Peoples Action sponsored “Showdown in Chicago” in which peoples organizations will go toe-to-toe with the major financial interests that brought on the current economic collapse.  More information can be found at the website: http://www.showdowninchicago.org/. We will try to convene an ad-hoc conference call of IAD point representatives attending the event so that we can figure out how to lift up IAD voices and gain further experience in joint practice.

If your network or organization has any updates or summations from the weeks of action on Health Care that you want to report on please submit