IAD 2nd National Conference Call on Immigration 4/13/10

You are invited to participate on the Inter-Alliance Dialogue’s Second National Conference Call on Immigration 

When: Tuesday, April  from 2 to 4 pm Eastern Time (1 - 3 pm Central / 12 - 2 pm Mountain / 11 – 1 pm Pacific)

Where/How: The conference call information for those who wish to participate in English is: Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 339-4300, Participant Access Code: 1095522# 

The conference call information for those who wish to participate in Spanish is: Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 477-2100, Participant Access Code: 612645#

If you want to participate on the call please RSVP to Randy Jackson, IAD National Coordinator at randyj.iad@gmail.com, or contact him with any question prior to the call.

Background: The Inter-Alliance Dialogue is an joint effort of Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ), Jobs with Justice (JwJ), National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON), National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), the Right to the City Alliance (RTC) and the Pushback Network (PBN). The IAD is a process that seeks to create better collaboration among these different national networks, all of which focus on grassroots organizing among low-income, poor and working class communities of color in the United States. Many of our member organizations are affiliates of more than one of these national networks, so greater coordination among and between us is a common goal. Together we seek to achieve a level of impact and scale that would otherwise not be possible by one alliance alone. In the aftermath of the 2008 economic collapse the stakes are even higher for the constituencies that we represent. And there are rare windows of opportunity to intervene and make an impact on behalf of our bases at a national level.

Why Immigration? Representatives from each of the networks have been working over the past year to develop strategy and determine priorities. One strategy that is critical in this period is to build a national grassroots movement that can create a political counterweight on domestic and international issues. During 2009 we all witnessed the re-emergence of a mobilized Right wing that sought to disrupt progressive efforts at Health Care Reform. The Right has made full-frontal assaults on our bases through xenophobic and racist attacks against immigrants and people of color, has challenged progressive policy and attacked the progressive and left ideology. If we sit idle we will have little room to maneuver on life-and-death issues critical to our people. For this reason we have developed a strategy of Challenging the Right, as a means of countering the racism and ideological attacks and presenting an alternate pole situated within our daily organizing struggle.


During 2010 the IAD has placed a priority on engaging our collective organizations on the issue of immigration. We are encouraging local IAD affiliates to work together in their different regions to engage in resistance to the Rightwing attack on our base and challenge the implementation of 287g – the federal legislation that allows local law enforcement to play the role of federal immigration agents. In addition, we are looking for ways in which we may amplify our collective voices on the national level and impact federal immigration policy.

What will happen on this call: This will be a follow-up to the first IAD call on Immigration, held on March 4, 2010. On this second call we will focus on educating members on the different immigration enforcement measures currently employed – such as 287g, “Secure Communities” and “Criminal Alien” acts. In addition, we will be discussing strategies that local groups can employ to contest the enforcement of these measures in their communities. Lastly, we will discuss NDLON’s National Week of Action beginning on Tuesday April 27 and how local groups can get plugged into this important tactic of resistance.   

When: Tuesday, April  from 2 to 4 pm Eastern Time (1 - 3 pm Central / 12 - 2 pm Mountain / 11 – 1 pm Pacific)