As we all get ready to shout out our anger, our hope, and our hunger for justice May 1st, we wanted to share a few key updates to align our support for the fight against SB1070 in Arizona.

First off, it's important to spread the word that even though the law does not officially go into effect until July 24, it's already having terrible consequences.  Just yesterday, police demanded that a group of people waiting for the bus show their papers.  The fear of this targeting is paralyzing immigrant communities.  Organizers on the ground have told us that parents are keeping their kids out of school and women in need of medical attention are staying away from the hospital. 

Meanwhile organizing continues furiously on the ground and there is a rising tide of opposition to SB1070 across the country.  The first legal challenges have been filed, including one from a Latino police officer who cited that the law would require him to racially profile.  The move to boycott business with the state of Arizona is taking on a life of its own, with some of our very own organizers and advocates including Causa Justa/Just Cause getting a San Francisco resolution passed with a possible Oakland resolution on the way, a New York Congressman moving to take the 2011 All-Star game away from Arizona, and LA mayor Antonio Villaraigosa supporting the boycott of Arizona.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon and even the Governor of Texas have come out against the law.

All of this makes it even more important that we support Arizona immigrant and indigenous communities fighting on the ground to take advantage of this outcry, and to make sure their demands are heard and their voices centered in this fight. 

This is a call to action for all of us to not only lend our support, but to make sure we turn this into an opportunity to demand a new starting point for just and humane immigration reform, and to make it clear that the Shumer-Graham bill is not the answer. 

Here are the immediate actions to take in the next week:

1.  Get 30 of your members to sign onto NDLON's letter to president Obama demanding that he issue an Executive Order to stop racial profiling and SB1070 in Arizona.  Email cindy@ggjalliance.org to let us how many of your members have signed.

2.  Echo and build support for these demands at your May 1st rallies:
  • Federal intervention now! - Demand that Obama issue an Executive Order to stop racial profiling and SB1070, and that the Department of Homeland Security terminate all ICE programs that call for collaboration with police, including 287g.  Echo the message that SB1070 is unconstitutional because immigration law must be determined by the Federal govt.

  • Refuse to enforce this racist law! - Urge Arizona police to refuse to take anyone into custody under SB1070.  Echo the message that SB1070 is racist and requires law enforcement to target people based on the color of their skin.  Everyone who opposes an apartheid state should refuse to enforce this law.
  • Boycott Arizona state commerce! - Boycott the Arizona tourist industry and sports teams (particularly AZ Diamondbacks).

  • Just immigration reform now! - Demand that Congress introduce new immigration reform legislation that upholds human rights for all.

3. Consider whether your organization can send an organizer and/or communications person to support Tonatierra and NDLON organizers in Arizona.  They have specifically called for a full-time communications coordinator and 2 organizers to come and work on the ground, as well as  researchers and someone with new media and web skills to support either onsite or nationally.  If you can send someone who fits any of these needs, please contact cindy@ggjalliance.org or call Cindy at 305.735.3256.  In response to this call, Cindy will be going to Arizona for one week to support the organizing work.

4. Join NDLON's  national conference call
Next Wednesday May 5, 10am PST//1pm EST to discuss ongoing national and local response efforts and to learn how you can help. RSVP for the call by emailing Yadira Hernandez.

5. BY SATURDAY, May 15 - Make a donation to support litigation and organizing in defense of Arizona's communities.  The CC set a goal of $10K to be donated from GGJ members - can you help us reach that goal?  You can mail checks made out to Grassroots Global Justice with Free Arizona in the memo to Michael Leon Guerrero, PO Box 1799, San Pedro, CA 90733-1799; or donate online through our Paypal link.

6. Send trainings or materials on black and brown unity building to Rose Brewer and Jorge Glackman, co-chairs of GGJ's political and popular education committee: brewe001@umn.edu, jorgeg@environmentalhealth.org.  There's been a request for these materials from organizers in Arizona, so please share what you have.

Those of you who have twitter accounts, if you haven't already you can follow @NDLON for regular updates.  You can calso follow @ggjalliance to get updates from Cindy while she is in Arizona.

In the meantime please take action today, and see and share the additional resources listed below.


In Solidarity,

Cindy, Michael and Jen - GGJ Staff



"All out For May Day: We Are All Arizona Now!" National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

"Arizona: This is What Apartheid Looks Like" by Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez

"Let's Get this Right: Why We all Need to Stand up for Immigrant Rights Now!" By Jason Negrón-Gonzales of Movement Generation

Declaration for a Free Arizona, Gihan Perera Miami Workers Center