FRIDAY MAY 14 NDLON Call - Updates from the Frontlines in Arizona


Dear friends and colleagues, Please join us for a national call to stop the implementation of SB1070 in Arizona --- the most anti-immigrant and racist legislation in recent memory.

On Friday, May 14th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST, we will be providing updates on how Arizona is resisting and information on the May 29th mobilization in Phoenix.

CALL-IN INFORMATION: Check the GGJ membership listserve for call-in information

Agenda for the Call:
1. Update on the grassroots organizing campaign2. Update on the litigation front3. Update on the Arizona Boycott4. May 29th Mobilization

For more information about the fight against SB1070 go to:


 The fight against SB1070 is gaining ground in Arizona and spreading throughout the country among immigrant communities who've long experienced the repression that SB1070 has taken to a whole new level.  In Arizona, strides have been made in black-brown unity as Reverend Al Sharpton and Danny Glover led an inspiring declaration of solidarity from black communities with their Latin@ brothers and sisters, and a commitment to stand against the system of racial profiling that African-Americans know too well through civil disobedience and bringing Freedom Walkers to Arizona just as Freedom Riders went to the deep south to protest segregation in the 1960s.  The strategy of noncompliance is taking shape in the form of getting individuals to sign petitions vowing noncompliance with SB1070, and targeting school boards to sign agreements of noncompliance so that parents can send their children to school to learn without fear of harassment and separation.   The economic boycott strategy is becoming focused against the Diamondbacks (who are holding a May 20 fundraiser for AZ Senator Jonathan Paton, a key supporter of SB1070), and research on Political Action Committees (PACs) that are directing funding toward AZ Governor Jan Brewer, AZ Senator Russell Pearce, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Maricopa County enforcement coffers.

On Mother's Day 500 women, children and young girls marched in Phoenix wearing red to symbolize strength, resistance and the power of women.  This action, coordinated by NDLON and National Domestic Workers Alliance, highlighted the repressive effects of SB1070 on women, children and young girls and generated a statement of demands to be presented to the Congressional Women's Caucus. 

Meanwhile solidarity actions are taking place around the country including Labor/Community Strategy Center ond others' civil disobedience actions that shut down the federal detention center in downtown LA for 5 hours.  Also, international solidarity is rising, thanks in part to GGJ's work.  Tom Goldtooth of IEN and Cindy Wiesner helped get Evo Morales' administration to issue this statement as part of a letter to Cochabamba conference participants:

"the Bolivian Government wants to express solidarity with the nations and peoples affected by the unfair migration law in the State of Arizona. Together with the UNASUR Countries we are presenting our serious concerns to the State Department and requesting the US Government to act in order to stop this situation."

Also, ummigrant rights organizers in Toronto have reached out to GGJ to help identify an organizer from Arizona to speak at their mobilization against the G20 on May 27.

NDLON and Puente have called for a national mobilization to shut down phoenix on May 29.  The goals of this action are to demand that Obama issue an executive order to stop SB1070, to call on local businesses, lawmakers and local police to refuse to comply with the law, and to demand federal immigration reform based on human rights and economic justice, not the targeting and persecution of immigrants.

Join this call to learn more about what GGJ members can do to join the rising tide of resistance against SB1070, and to build power for just immigration reform that moves beyond punishment and persecution to upholding human rights and economic justice for all.