Puente Movement and National Day Laborer Organizing Network Denounce Partial Injunction of SB 1070. Pledge Non-Compliance on July 29th

“A split decision only serves to split our communities. There is no partial solution to denials of our humanity.
There is no partial solution to hatred.
If this is a step, it is another step toward increased encroachments on the human rights of the people of Arizona and a dangerous precedent for the country.”


Phoenix, AZ. Jul 28, 2010 - Pablo Alvarado of the National Day Laborer Organizing Networks states, “The partial and temporary blocking of a law that should’ve never existed is welcome but in no way a victory. The conditions that created SB 1070 remain and are only worsened by the decision today. " 

 After today, this decision converts the Reverend driving a church van of his congregants into a criminal. It renders the day laborer repairing your neighborhood a criminal under 1070. The mother driving her daughter to the hospital could be considered a criminal under this decision. Cities who seek to protect the residents that make them function will be punished.

The sections that go into effect tomorrow are intolerable insults to our humanity and dangerous precedents for law enforcement. We will not stop until real justice comes to Arizona.”

Carlos Garcia of the Puente Movement continues, “In Maricopa County, we’ve been living under 1070 conditions with Sheriff Arpaio for years. Many are celebrating today because some sections are being blocked. While they can breathe a sigh of relief for the minimal injunction, our breath catches with the added boots on our communities’ necks.

Deciding to use an open hand instead of a closed fist makes this no less of a blow to the people of Arizona. If President Obama wanted to intervene in this humanitarian crisis he can end 1070 and his ICE  access programs with the stroke of a pen.”