International Day of Non-Compliance Raises Questions of Broader Humanitarian Crisis in Arizona and the Country’s Immigration Policy

07.29.2010 –

Civil Disobedience and Protests in Cities Across the Country as well as Spain, Ecuador, and Mexico Signal a Partial and Temporary injunction is only a Small Step Toward Real Solutions for the Country’s Immigration Policy & Arizona’s Humanitarian Crisis

Phoenix, AZ. 07-29-2010

The day after Judge Bolton’s partial injunction of Arizona SB 1070, communities across the globe participated in an International Day of Non-Compliance. The escalation of activities and the expansion of their reach demonstrate a turning point in the movement for human rights in Arizona.

The events signaled that the partial injunction would not solve the humanitarian crisis in Arizona. Carlos Garcia of the Puente Movement stated, “There is no partial solution to hatred. We reject unconstitutional laws and racist immigration practices that profile U.S citizens, separate families, terrorize communities, and rob us of our basic humanity.”

Organizers drew the root cause of the issue to President Obama’s federal enforcement ICE access programs that empower local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws. Protestors called on the President to end the criminalization of migrant communities with “the stroke of a pen.”

Beginning with a banner that was unfurled from a 230 ft. tall construction crane in Phoenix the night before, organizers linked the Arizona racial profiling law with 287g and Secure Communities, federal ICE access programs.

In Phoenix, more than 80 protesters were arrested in acts of civil disobedience. More than 30 blocked streets outside the Wells Fargo building that houses Sheriff Arpaio’s office while others physically locked themselves to the entrance of Sheriff Arpaio’s jail. Peter Morales, the president of the Unitarian Universalist Church, as well as Salvador Reza of the Puente Movement were among those who were arrested for blocking the jail’s entrance.

Organizers in other cities also took more dramatic measures to highlight the need for Presidential action. In New York, a march shut down the Brooklyn Bridge for several hours. A dozen protestors blocked Wilshire blvd. in Los Angeles while people in Tucson, AZ shut down the highway.

“Solving this crisis means not just stopping SB 1070 and Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona but stopping all the Arpaios that the president’s ICE access program is creating all across the country,” explains Pablo Alvarado, Director of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

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