Tomorrow (Tuesday August 31) at 11AM, New York Governor Patterson will sign into law the first-ever piece of legislation to uphold Domestic Workers' rights in this country.  After 75 years of exclusion from labor laws and a 6-year legislative campaign to secure basic protections in New York State, domestic workers—nannies, housekeepers and elderly caregivers—have triumphed!

GGJ congratulates member organization Domestic Workers United and fellow Inter-Alliance Dialogue (IAD) member the National Domestic Workers Alliance for this groundbreaking victory.  Once the law goes into effect in 90 days, it will provide a tool to enforce higher labor standards for domestic workers, including guaranteeing sick days, overtime, a day of rest, protection under discrimination laws, and notice before termination. It also provides a handle for further organizing to pass similar laws in other states (for example, California organizing groups including GGJ member Mujeres Unidas y Activas are working with lawmakers to pass a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in California) and to build greater power among domestic workers in New York and across the country.  This is an inspiration and a model to all of our members and allies fighting grassroots fights to improve conditions for poor and working class people in all sectors.

As an alliance of mass-based organizations connecting local struggles to international movements for peace, global well-being and economic justice, GGJ recognizes that this is a victory which will improve the well-being of more than 200,000 domestic workers in New York, as well as the well-being of the families many of these workers are supporting both in the US and in their home countries.  The overwhelming majority of domestic workers in New York are women migrants who have come to the United States from countries whose economies and environments have been devastated by multi-national corporate land-grabs, militarization, and neo-liberal structural adjustment policies.  The resulting destruction of local land, agriculture and production, jobs, and healthy environments has forced millions to migrate from the global south to the global north in order to survive.  

Domestic workers are heroes of the global economy, the majority of whom have had to leave their families in their home countries only to take care of others’ families in the US.  The New York Domestic Workers Bill of Rights is a historic victory to protect the rights of these women migrants whose hard work and courage deserves full recognition and respect from fellow workers, their employers, and before the law.

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New York region groups, please attend the Signing Ceremony and Press Conference!:
    Tuesday August 31st, 11AM SHARP
    Dwyer Cultural Center
    123rd St. btwn St. Nicholas and Frederick Douglass
    Doors open at 10:15AM