Call to Action for October 12: Global Day of Education and Action for Climate Justice


Join the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice: Change the System, not the Climate!


Following the lead of indigenous peoples' and peasants movements from around the globe, GGJ calls on its members and allies to take part in the international day of action for Climate Justice, the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Mother Earth on October 12.

This day of action is just one of many social movement events that will happen leading up to the Conference of Parties (COP) negotiations on climate change in Cancun, Mexico this November/December. It also comes a little more than a month after the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina – an important date for social movements in the US to remember as we work toward climate and ecological justice.

This global day of action will be part of a week of protests, demonstrations, forums, sit-ins, and other actions that will be carried out to:

  • Oppose the commodification of life, and the criminalization of migrants and of social struggles
  • Promote the defense of land and water and the right to live well
  • Warn of the imminent danger of environmental ecological catastrophe and identify those responsible
  • Demand amnesty for all indigenous leaders, social and environmental activists who defend the rights of peoples and Mother Earth

Within GGJ we've made the commitment to increase our own education on the politics of climate change disruption and the need for climate justice. Over the past year we have sent delegations to the COP 15 negotiations in Copenhagen, to the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba Bolivia, and to strategy meetings with economic and environmental justice groups and with La Víia Campesina North America. We also brought our politics and vision to the US Social Forum in Detroit, and worked with allies to begin building an exciting network of grassroots organizing groups working for climate justice in the U.S.

At our February membership assembly and again at our September coordinating committee, GGJ members and leaders decided to make climate justice work a priority for our alliance, and to engage in both education and collective action toward this goal. we affirmed the need to prioritize popular education among our membership. To help make this happen, Global Well-Being Committee members Jihan Gearon of IEN, Sara Mersha of DARE and Rose Brewer of Afro-Eco have put together a popularn education-action toolkit that you can use to organize educational workshops, forums, media events and actions in your areas.


Email Jihan at
, Sara at, or Rose at with any questions about the toolkit, or with information on additional resources.

Email Jen at for support with media outreach. A sample press release is included with the toolkit.

For GGJ, participating in this the October 12 global day of action by conducting popular education will help bring our bases up to speed, so that we can build towards taking bold and visible collective action on December 7. This is the day that La Via Campesina international social movements have chosen for coordinated action – including La Vía Campesina’s call for “ has called for thousands of Cancuns” across the world, and for thousands of solutions to the climate crisis to come from the grassroots.

For those who won't be in Cancun, this day of action will be an important opportunity to lift up all of our local struggles, while and to raisinge the visibility of the climate justice demands that will be advanced in Cancun.

Take Action October 12, Celebrate Indigenous People's Day and Help Build the Road to Cancun!

Change the System Not the Climate!

Globalize Well-Being for all people and for Mother Earth!