We are very excited to be sending a historic delegation to the UNFCCC and social movement activities that will be happening between November 27- December 11 in Cancun. 

We have a delegation of 55 people from 20 organizations rolling together to represent grassroots movements in the US!  Delegates will be participating in La Via Campesina caravans to build relationships with Mexican communities affected by the climate crisis.  Some will have accreditation to influence the negotiations on the inside.  Delegates will also be participating in international social movement spaces to conduct workshops on REDDs and climate justice in the US and to share their local work with allies from across the globe.

GGJ Goals for Cancun

Build the knowledge and alignment in the United States around climate justice principles and use this exposure to continue developing alignment in the movement for climate justice.

Help advance the Cochabamba Peoples’ Accord and the Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth in the UN deliberations, in solidarity with the Bolivian government, Small Island States, and social movements of the Global South;

 Strengthen knowledge of US & civil society around REDD/REDD+, and other false solutions of carbon market regimes within UN climate negotiations. Support Indigenous Peoples and local forest dependent communities in developing countries resisting the implementation of REDD/REDD+ within climate negotiations.

 Expose the actions of the US government that oppose climate justice (such as the Copenhagen Agreement, market mechanisms, etc), and apply pressure on the administration for adoption of the Cochabamba Peoples' Accords.

Connect and provide a northern support base to the social movements from the Global South.

Grassroots Solutions for Climate Justice - North America - Primary Demands:

  • Call on the Obama Administration to drop the ineffective Copenhagen "Accord" and adopt the Cochabamba People’s Agreement.

  • Reject REDDs and other false solutions to climate change and the commodification of land, life, and water.

  • Advance rights-based community solutions that cool the planet as the real solutions to climate change.


Logistics for Delegates


Notes from Delegation Prep Calls


Information on Activities Including Caravans


Readings for Delegates