Climate Justice Alignment Groups 1-Pager

Climate Justice Alignment Groups Fact Sheet for

December 7 Day of Action

(draft V.1)

Who We Are:

We are grassroots and allied organizations representing racial justice, indigenous rights, economic justice, immigrant rights, youth organizing and environmental justice communities actively engaged in Climate Justice organizing. Our organizing strategy prioritizes:

1) Investing in grassroots action at frontline struggles to win the victories that build our power, improve our communities and stop corporations from causing climate disruption;

2) Prioritizing local organizing to build the resilient communities, economic alternatives, and political infrastructure that we need to weather the climate crisis; and

3) Supporting solidarity with grassroots movements around the world, to link our struggles, and to craft the international policies and structures we need to apply our local solutions globally.

We will win Climate Justice by supporting the hundreds of communities around the country who are targeting the climate polluters in their communities, whether that is an energy source, a toxic industry, a dirty port, a big box chain, a freeway or a developer driving gentrification. We will win Climate Justice by winning back our ability to root ourselves in place, in ancestral knowledge, and in the resilience of our communities,

Shared demands for COP16 Cancun:

  • We call on the Obama Administration to drop the Copenhagen Accord and adopt the Cochabamba People’s Agreement.

  • We reject REDD and other false solutions to climate change and the commodification of land, life, and water.

  • We are advancing rights-based community solutions that cool the planet as the real solutions to climate change.

Objectives for our Collaborative Work in Cancun and At Home:

  • Continue building CJ alignment and unity in US through participating in the La Via Campesina caravan, delegations to Cancun, and LVC December 7 Day of Action

  • Build deeper relationships with like-minded international networks such as La Via Campesina

  • Demonstrate that real solutions come from grassroots communities

  • Showcase/Demonstrate the real and false solutions (real: food, energy and water sovereignty) (false: use real stories to expose falsehood of carbon markets, offsets etc)

  • Break the media blackout in the US to showcase the real things that people are doing in the US for climate justice--influence public opinion. Shift the frame that “climate” = federal cap and trade policy.