US & Canadanian Actions December 7



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Albuquerque, NM


SouthWest Organizing Project will hold an educational event for the public that connects the dots between New Mexico and the Global Climate Crisis. The discussion will expose false solutions to the climate issue pushed by big corporate interests, and explore the Real Solutions that protect and foster the resiliency of our communities. Joining the discussion will be the Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment (MASE), which works to protect New Mexican communities from uranium development, and the Sierra ClubClick here for more information.

Contact: George Lujan, SouthWest Organizing Project (SWOP),

Bay Area, CA


Teach-In Wednesday, December 1st Women’s Building
3543 18th Street, SF

Action: Community-based solutions cool the planet!
3:30pm – 5:30pm
Tuesday, December 7th
17th Street & Folsom
Mission Dist. SF

Frontline communities, the communities first and most impacted by the climate crisis, are addressing the root causes of climate change and leading the way toward a healthy, safe and just future. Push for the creation of a public park in the Mission on publicly-owned land currently used as a parking lot. We’ll build a garden, celebrate community-based activism and enjoy speakers, theatre and music! Featuring the headRush crew! See media advisory and flier here.

Sponsoring organizations:
Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Center for Political Education, Communities for a Better Environment, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, Mobilization for Climate Justice West, Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project, Mujeres Unidas y Activas, People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights (PODER), People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), Richmond Progressive Alliance, Urban Tilth

Contact: Konrad Fisher, Mobilization for Climate Justice! West,

Chicago, IL

The Little Village Environmental Justice Organization will unveil a new mural conceptualizing the fight for environmental justice in Little Village, where community members, climate activists and public health experts have been working together to clean up the local coal-fired plant - the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in the area. The mural unveiling will take place at 10AM CST, Tuesday December 7 and will demonstrate visual vocabulary that makes connections between local struggles like LVEJO's and the global movement to cool the planet through community-based solutions, not false carbon market policies.  See media advisory here.

Contact: Raquel Nuñez, 773-341-6459,

Gulf Coast

Multiple actions being planned in conjunction with Advocates for Environmental Human Rights.  Action sites include Plaquimines, Lousiana near the site of the BP Oil Spill, Jackson Mississippi, and Gulfport, Mississippi.  See a video from North Gulfport here.

Contact: Michele Roberts, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights,

Los Angeles, CA


  In Los Angeles, the car capital of the world and receiver of over 40% of the country’s containerized imports, community organizations will hold a rally against the 710 Freeway expansion—a dramatic symbol of America’s addiction to consumerism and the auto, choking the planet with over 50% of the world’s auto emissions at the same time as it poisons local communities with carbon monoxide and diesel exhaust.  We demand clean air in our communities and climate justice throughout the world!   Organized by the Labor/Community Strategy Center, SAJE, Communities for a Better Environment and East Yard Communities for EJ.  Click here to see media advisory. 

WHERE: Gathering at South Gate Park (4900 Southern Ave, 90280) in South Gate at  3:30pm for a rally and program.  Will march over to the 710 Freeway at Firestone by 5pm.

Contact: Yuki Kidokoro, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

Madison, WI

December 7, 7:00PM - Educational panel on climate change crisis and environmental justice, sponsored by the National Family Farm Coalition, at the UW-Madison Memorial Union (Check Today in the Union TITU for exact location.  No to false solutions and yes to Climate Change and Real Opportunities for Climate Justice - Beyond Cancun!  Panel discussion featuring speakers from Family Farm Defenders, Carbon Free Nuclear Free Campaign, among others. 

Info: 608-260-0900 

Minneapolis, MN


We’re coming together in solidarity to show that millions of people are behind us and we are behind them! Together, we will show local and world leaders our opposition to the false solutions to climate change, such as carbon trading, unjust infrastructure projects and geo-engineering. Here in Minnesota, we will hear from activists on the ground in Cancún while we celebrate our local grassroots organizing that has been building resilient communities and economic alternatives for decades—efforts that should be the building blocks for a just Minnesota response to climate change.

Sponsors: Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Headwaters Foundation for Justice, West Side Citizens Organization, Living Justice Press, North American Water Office, Environmental Justice Advocates of Minnesota, JustEquity, Zenteotl Project, Mainstreet Project, Rural Enterprise Center, Afro-Eco, Land Stewardship Project, Eureka Recycling, Peace Coffee.

Contact: Eleonore Wesserle at or (612)870-3425.

New York, NY

We will be hosting an event in Ralph Bunch Park, across the street from the United Nations Headquarters, to higlight local grassroots organizing initiatives as a means of addressing the impact of clmiate change in communities of color in New York City. There will be several speakers touching on why our struggles are directly related to those in the Global south and we will be projecting photos and videos of interviews and actions from Cancun and from other events in the US. There will also be live feeds of events in Cancun happening at a number of bookstores to build awareness of what our colleagues at fighting at COP 16.  

Contact: Julien A. Terrell Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice

718-328-5622 ext.14


Olympia, WA

March to Protest BioMass Incineration. March to the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA) office and tell them not to give out licenses for forest eating, extremely polluting biomass incinerators in Shelton or Port Angeles. ORCAA should do its job and protect public health and the environment! As the product of Big Timber and Big Energy companies, the biomass incinerator in Shelton would increase the corporate stranglehold on our lives. Together a people’s movement can get our economy off of extractive fuels and on track to a just future for all.  See media advisory here.

Contact: Maya Face, Rising Tide North America,

Providence, RI

FOOD JUSTICE COOLS THE PLANET: Community Dinner & Workshops

Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) Community Potluck Dinner at the Community Preparatory School located in an area of Providence at the heart of local green spaces debate. The event will feature a speaker from Chiapas who will talk about fights against corporate mining and for local food sovereignty in Chiapas. In addition, community members will participate in a series of hands-on workshops on how to eat healthy on a budget, local control of food production, local green politics including green spaces and politicians running on green platforms, and genetically-modified foods.

Contact: Bruce Reilly, Direct Action For Rights and Equality,

San Antonio, TX

MISSION VERDE ACTION: Community Solutions Reduce Energy Consumption

Southwest Workers Union will hold an action in front of the San Antonio City Council to demand that the City commit to a new enery future. The action will call on the City Council and municipally owned electric company (CPS) to enact policies to reduce energy consumption, promote clean energy and encourage clean jobs for working families. After a SWU-led victory defeating a proposal for San Antonio's first new nuclear reactor in 30 years, leaders promised to move the city away from its high-consumption, coal-based energy production. Low-income and people of color are disproportionately burdened by rising energy costs and dirty energy pollution. The working families of San Antonio want to see the vision of ‘Mision Verde’ transformed into action through free weatherization programs, commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission, support of community-based solutions, and adoption of the People’s Power Plan for climate and energy justice.  See media advisory and event flier here.

Contact: Jill Johnston, Southwest Workers Union (SWU)


Educational event and video launch to introduce the Vermont Workers' Center's People’s University for Learning and Liberation (PULL). PULL is an umbrella term for the political and popular education work of the Vermont Workers’ Center, which includes workshops, educational gatherings called “PULL-togethers,” the promotion of readings and videos using our website, blog and email, a three-day “Solidarity School” and training of trainers. At the launch of this people's university VWC will be raising consciousness about the December 7 day of action because they see that their struggles in Vermont - for healthcare as a human right, for workplace justice, for healthy food systems, and for whole communities- are bound up in global struggles like this one. We know that if one of us is chained, none of us is free.

Contact: James Haslam, Vermont Workers Center,

Washington, DC

From 10-Noon on December 7 youth will be delivering petitions and an education packet to Congress in a "hill drop" action.  This action will be followed by a press conference and an update on Cancun activities from 2-4PM.  There will be a supper and educational panel at the Capitol Hill Methodist building featuring a briefing and community speak-out against corporate control of agriculture.  In the evening there will also be a youth fundraising event for Dreaming Outloud.  See flier and more information here.   There will also be an event called Pray, Pledge and Meditate in Support of Mother Earth and in solidarity with people who put their lives on the line every day in defense of Pachamama our beautiful Mother.

Featuring Afro-Indigenous speakers who went to Cochabamba.  Click here for the Facebook event page.

Contact: Kathy Ozer, National Family Farm Coalition, DC

Throughout Canada

December 1 Actions being planned by community groups who are part of Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) in:

  • Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Detroit

Contact: Ananda Lee Tan, GAIA