Political and Communications Goals

Political Goals in Cancun and for Dec. 7 Day of Action:

  • Call on the Obama Administration to drop the Copenhagen Accord and adopt the Cochabamba People’s Agreement.

  • Reject REDDs and other false solutions to climate change and the commodification of land, life, and water.

  • Advance rights-based community solutions that cool the planet as the real solutions to climate change.

Communications Goals and Objectives:

  • Connect CJ in the US & Canada and CJ wordlwide
  • Share information on actions among allies and US & Canada groups and groups around the world participating in the Dec. 7 day of action – through LVC website/map, alignment web portal, and your own social media networks
  •  Raise the visibility of local US climate justice work and its connection to our alignment goals and the international climate change debate in Cancun
  • Conduct media outreach to place stories about Dec. 7 actions in local and national media outlets