Media Outreach Tips and Tools

Below you can download a media planning template, a sample media advisory, sample press release, a blank press release template and pitching and spokesperson tips to use as guides for your local media outreach around Durban and the December 3 actions.

  • The first step is to spend some time creating a simple media plan -- it's worth it!  Even a simple plan will help you will reap the rewards of more focused and effective media outreach.
  • The next step is to create and send your media advisory.  What's the difference between a media advisory and a press release?  In general, you can use a media advisory to alert press to a specific time-sensitive event or action.  An advisory is generally shorter than a press release and can be viewed as a sort of invitation to press to both alert them and invite them to cover this specific event or action. The information included in a media advisory includes the event’s ‘who, what, when, where and why’ and is usually not more than a page long.
  • For media outreach for your december 3 actions, we recommend sending out a media advisory to local media by Tuesday November 29.
  • Once your advisory is out, follow up with phone pitches to your target reporters and media makers.  It's always good to call till you reach a live person and can have a conversation with them.
  • Once you have some confirmations from reporters, work on training a few spokespeople to effectively message and tell your story to the media
  • After your event you can send a press release to your target media.  A press release is a longer document that you can use to frame an entire story.  You can use a press release to describe your organization's work related to climate justice, and to provide more context in general to the specific news development you want to share (in this case, participation in the december 3 day of action as well as any other local hooks you have identified).  Press releases are often effective as organizational "statements" in story form framing your persepective on widely-known breaking news or developments on an issue, and as follow-up "reports" after an action or event.
  • If you can, we recommend sending a press release to local media on December 5thth or 6th to frame the outcomes of your December 3 event.
  • Share your media advisories, press releases, media coverage, photos and videos of your actions!