March Against Biomass Incinerators! March for Community-led Solutions to Climate Change!

March Against Biomass Incinerators! March for Community-led Solutions to
Climate Change!

When: Tuesday, December 7th, 2010 at 3pm
Where: Meeting at the NE corner of Harrison and Cooper Point Rd. and
marching to the ORCAA office at 2940-B Limited Lane NW • Olympia, WA 98502

Why: To unite with people all over the world who are mobilizing for the
1,000s of Cancuns International Day of Action for climate justice and real
climate solutions! We will march to the Olympic Region Clean Air Agency
(ORCAA) office and tell them not to give out licenses for forest eating,
extremely polluting biomass incinerators in Shelton or Port Angeles. ORCAA
should do its job and protect public health and the environment!
The 1,000s of Cancuns International Day of Action is mobilizing for
community-led solutions to climate change and an end to false solutions
during the 16th Conference of the Parties (COP 16) of the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (taking place in Cancun from
November 29 to December 10, 2010). The politicians and corporations aren’t
willing to do what’s necessary to stop catastrophic climate change; it’s
up to the people take the power back and build a just, sustainable world!

Our actions in are united by 3 common demands:
•       We call on the Obama Administration to drop the ineffective Copenhagen
“Accord” and adopt the Cochabamba People’s Agreement and the draft
Universal Declaration on the Rights of Mother Earth.
•       We reject REDD+, offsets, carbon markets and other false solutions to
climate change that commodify forests, land, life, and water.
•       We affirm that people on the frontlines are changing the system and
cooling the planet one community and region at a time, and we uplift these
grassroots solutions as real and viable solutions to the global climate

Problem: The climate crisis is escalating, but the UN process is failing
to address the roots of the problem. 16 COPs and each year we are feeling
more impacts of climate destabilization on our communities, cultures and
ecosystems––drought, floods, destruction and displacement. But the U.S.
and other wealthy governments are refusing to take responsibility, while
each year the COP process becomes more corrupted by carbon-profiteers,
fossil fuel interests and the Wall Street agenda.

Solution: Tens of thousands of people have gathered in Cancun to show the
world that there is another way forward: The Cochabamba People's Agreement
represents the vision of everyday people from all corners of the globe who
are creating the solutions to climate change from the ground up, and
calling for a global framework that respects human rights and the rights
of Mother Earth.

Action: Community-based solutions can cool the planet! We are coming
together to take collective action as part of the "1,000 Cancun"
demonstrations, and to build mass peoples movements calling for Climate
Justice! We are here to stand up for a global framework for just
transition off of fossil fuels. We are here to oppose false solutions like
biomass incineration—the process of burning mass quantities of our
endangered forests while poisoning our land, water, air, and bodies. As
the product of Big Timber and Big Energy companies, the biomass
incinerator in Shelton would increase the corporate stranglehold on our
lives. Together a people’s movement can get our economy off of extractive
fuels and on track to a just future for all.

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