1000 Cancuns: Growing the Roots of Systems Change

Friday, December 10, 2010
Grassroots Solutions for Climate Justice - NA

1000 Cancuns: Growing the Roots of Systems Change

By Jen Soriano, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance 12/10/2010


The carbon trading conference known as COP 16 is coming to an end today. For those of us fighting for rights-based systems change, one of the many questions coming out of Cancun will be, how did we use this moment to grow as a movement? What new power have we built to change the story on climate disruption and to influence local, national, and international policies on the climate crisis?

These are big and exciting questions to answer. It will require lots of discussion about the intricate social movement work led by the Indigenous Environmental Network and woven into collaboration with other U.S.-based forces and international allies like La Via Campesina and the Hemispheric Social Alliance. And also some longer-term reflection on how this all got brought back and translated into next steps for consciousness-raising and collective action toward COP 17, before, during and beyond.

The 1000 Cancuns call to action put out by La Via Campesina (LVC) was a main ingredient in the Cancun movement-building pibil. LVC put out the call on September 1st and from there plans for action and coordination started bubbling all over the world. From jump this was not only a call for people to stand in solidarity with small farmers, nor a simple call for people to take action to support protests going on in Cancun. Instead this was a call to lift up all of our unique struggles onto a common platform to show that poor people, indigenous people, and people of color across the globe – farmers, factory workers, children, mothers, families – are all impacted by the extractive economy and exploitative political structure that are the root causes of climate change.

And it was a call to show that by necessity our communities are developing sustainable, just and working solutions to climate disruption. At our coordinating committee meeting in September, the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) decided to make December 7 an alliance-wide day of action to lift up and connect the grassroots struggles and solutions here in the US with similar local struggles and solutions worldwide.

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