Red Cancun: Day 10 Guide to the COP16 Summit from the Indigenous Environmental Network

Friday, December 10, 2010
Red Cancun: Day 10 Guide to the COP16 Summit from the Indigenous Environmental Network
by Dallas Goldtooth, Casey Camp Horinek
Wednesday Dec 8th, 2010 3:51 PM

In today's show, we go over the two big marches that happened on Tuesday, from the Espacio Mexicano (EsMex) and La Via Campesino. Then, we will discuss the action inside the Moon Palace that was carried out in solidarity with Via Campesina's call for 1,000 Cancun's. This loud action and the impromptu press conference that followed, saw many youth and NGO representatives, including IEN Executive Director Tom Goldtooth, and Friends of the Earth Ecuador representative Ricardo Navarro, expelled with their accreditation apparently suspended.

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There were a lot of great actions that happened yesterday, from La Via Campensina's march which we covered live via skype, to another march at the Espacio Mexicano, or Es Mex.

From La Via's march, here's a little clip that capture some of the excitement of the march, as we made our way to the blockade guarding the off-ramp to the Moon Palace.


And here's a clip of a part of our Grassroots Global Justice delegation, Treston Davis-Faulkner, speaking at the Es Mex rally yesterday.


On the inside, at the Moon Palace, a group of youth walked out of a press conference chanting anti-red slogans in solidarity with La Via's march. They held an impromptu press conference with Pablo Salon following the walk-out. The latest news on that is that Tom Goldtooth is now being denied entry to the COP16 negotiations due to his participation in the walk-out. We'll hear more from some of the folks that walked out later in the show.

But before we get into our coverage of the march, here are some headlines:


A VICTORY IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS! * B.C. oil tanker ban motion passes in Commons

The House of Commons has adopted an NDP motion calling for a ban on crude-oil tanker traffic off British Columbia's north coast.

But the motion, which was passed 143-138, is non-binding and is likely to be ignored by the Conservative government.

The Decision comes as Calgary-based Enbridge Inc. has proposed sending up to 225 oil tankers every year out of the port of Kitimat to carry crude oil to new markets such as Asia and the western United States as part of its Northern Gateway project, which also includes a proposed pipeline from Alberta to the port.

A coalition of First Nations, commercial fisheries and environmental groups from the Pacific Northwest Coast has called for a ban on oil tankers in the region, claiming the local economy is in jeopardy because of increased traffic.

More than 13,000 jobs are directly related to coastal industries, and generate millions of dollars.


And for a wikileaks update, Julian Assange recently turned himself in London Authorities.

Earlier this month, Wikileaks exposed the US government by exposing a CIA plot, supported by the US State Department, to spy on UN Diplomats, on issues including Climate Change.

Additionally, wikileaks exposed that the State Department was using aid monies to entice countries to support the "Copenhagen Accord, the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit last year.


The No Tar Sands Oil Coalition, which includes the Indigenous Environmental Network, has launched the first phase of a half million dollar ad campaign, calling on President Obama to reject TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which would expand the reach of tar sands oil into the United States.

Here's one of their ads, targeting President Obama.

HEADLINE 4 1000 Cancuns!

Around the world yesterday, social and environmental justice groups responded to La Via Campensina's call for "1000 Cancuns". On La Via's website, you can find over 70 of these events listed, from mass protests to people's assemblies, over 25 of which occurred in North America.

IEN supported one of these actions in Toronto, Canada, which targeted the Alberta Tar Sands and it's accompanying pipelines. Activists shut down Bay Street in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s financial district. They erected tri-pods in the middle of the intersection effectively stopping traffic. A banner was hung between with the statement, “Tar Sands Kill, Pipelines Spill,” drawing attention to Canada's greatest greenhouse emitter.