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FEBRUARY 6-11, 2011

GGJ at the World Social Forum in Dakar

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We are drawing inspiration from the brave people’s movements rising up for democracy and justice from Egypt to Yemen to Tunisia.  We recognize that the continent of Africa is experiencing a particular period of great turmoil and change.  On the positive side are these sweeping pro-democracy movements which most recently resulted in the ousting of Tunisian President Ben Ali and the lifting of emergency powers in Algeria after 19 years.  On the negative side are the government crackdowns against these movements, the recent murder of gay activist David Katio in Uganda, ongoing war and violence against women in the Congo, and the expanding US military agenda in Africa executed through the US African Command (AFRICOM).  

These issues will be a primary focus of the World Social Forum in Dakar, Senegal Feb 6-11.  Representatives from West and North Africa, including caravans carrying more than 2500 people from these regions, will join more than 60,000 people from all over the globe for the WSF2011.  For the first time, residents from Yemen will be coming to take part in the WSF and to share their struggles for democracy and representative parliamentary government.  Starting tomorrow, GGJ will be in Dakar with a 14 member and staff delegation, and with 6 more GGJ members participating as individuals and as part of the Detroit to Dakar and USSF delegations.  Read more...

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At the WSF in Dakar, GGJ members and staff will participate in discussions to define alternative grassroots solutions that will challenge the economic order imposed by multi-national corporations and political elites, who met at the exclusive World Economic Forum in Davos this past week. We will also discuss real solutions to the climate crisis and develop strategies to mobilize for the critical round of United Nations negotiations on climate change taking place in South Africa in December.  And we will develop principles based on human rights that challenge racist policies against migrants who are being displaced by neoliberal economic policies throughout the world.

The WSF2011 represents a new era of the global justice movement. We are building upon a decade of successes in fighting neoliberal institutions like the World Trade Organization and policies like the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Progressive movements have won political power throughout Latin America and there is a rising tide of grassroots action against U.S. militarism and imperialism. Now the global challenges have intensified with the economic and ecological crises that jeopardize the future of humanity and the planet. It is a crucial moment for the global justice movement to build upon our successes and consolidate global forces to meet these challenges.

Towards these modest ends, GGJ objectives in Dakar include:

*Deepen our analysis of the current state of global capitalism and alternatives
*Deepen our assessment of the state of social movements globally, particularly in Africa
*Participate in conversations on the future of the social forum (in all its expressions - world, thematic, U.S., etc.)
*Further develop our Cancun to Durban climate justice strategy

We will take part in dozens of activities including:

  • Participating in the opening march and ceremony February 6.  Bolivian President Evo Morales will be speaking at the opening ceremony.  
  • Co-sponsoring an Assembly of Convergence for Action on Climate Justice on February 11, with Friends of the Earth International, La Via Campesina, ATTAC France, Focus on the Global South, Global Forest Coalition, Centro Martin Luther King, Jubilee South, and Climate Justice  International.  This Assembly will allow us to evaluate the lessons of Cancun and to reach deeper levels of agreement and coordination between movements and organizations in the fight for Climate Justice on the road to Durban in 2011.
  • Participate in the WSF International Council meeting as a US representative organization

Our delegation is made up of Valerie Geaither ofAfroEco, Minneapolis, MN; Nikke Alex of Black Mesa Water Coalition, Flagstaff AZ;  Angaza Laughinghouse, Jr. of Black Workers for Justice, Raleigh, North Carolina;  Helena Wong of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, New York, NY; Jihan Gearon and Tom Goldtooth of Indigenous Environmental Network (Jihan is participating thanks to funding from the WSF organizing committee), Flagstaff AZ and Bemiji, MN; Jose Bravo of the Just Transition Alliance, San Diego CA; Daniel Kim of the Labor Community Strategy Center, Los Angeles CA; Talibah Obuya of Project South and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Atlanta GA; Colin Rajah of the National network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Oakland CA; Steve Williams of People Organized to Win Employment Rights, San Francisco CA; and GGJ Staff Cindy Wiesner, Michael Leon Guerrero and Jen Soriano.

Additional GGJ members are also in Dakar participating as individuals and as part of the the Detroit to Dakar and USSF Delegations.

Follow the delegation on Facebook: Grassroots Global Justice Alliance   Twitter:@ggjalliance
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Additional General Information:

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