Building Grassroots Internationalism! First GGJ Congress Opens in North Carolina


We are BACK!  Delayed but not deterred by Hurricane Irene, the GGJ Congress opens today in Raleigh.

We are excited to welcome 130 members and local, national and international allies to the First GGJ Congress!  Hosted by Black Workers for Justice, the Congress is being held under the banner: “Deepen Our Roots, Broaden Our Base, Build Grassroots Internationalism!”

The Congress is less of a singular event than the culmination of a process that began after the 2nd US Social Forum in Detroit.  After helping achieve a 2nd successful US Social Forum, GGJ continued on its path of participating in international social movement convergences to build the climate justice movement, and of playing influential roles in the Social Movement Assembly and World Social Forum processes at the WSF in Dakar this past February.

Meanwhile, GGJ was also undertaking an intensive effort to sharpen its work for greater political impact.  After 3 years of trying to cover essentially every critical area of global justice work, GGJ’s most active members realized that the alliance was spread too thin.  Additionally, the escalating crises of economy, ecology and empire had created new urgency for us to develop integrated work that can generate impact at the intersections of these crises.  

Throughout the spring and summer, coordinating committee members, staff, and GGJ working groups held face to face meetings and consultas with membership to develop proposals for this integrated work.  The final proposal is an exciting multi-issue initiative that would allow GGJ members to help fill critical gaps in the climate justice and anti-militarization movements at a national level, fueled by both local and international level convergences and collective action.

At the Congress we will be affirming the proposed multi-issue initiative and will be developing plans to broaden the engagement of our member base in our work.  Plans will include local to national action plans for the 1000 Durbans: International Day of Action coinciding with the UN Climate Talks in Durban, South Africa on December 3rd.

The Congress was made possible by the hard work of the Black Workers for Justice local organizing committee and GGJ's dedicated coordinating committee and staff.  The Congress’ distinguished delegates include representatives from 30 GGJ member groups, 25 national allies, and 3 international allies from the World March of Women - Brazil, the Hemispheric Social Alliance and the Mexican Action Network against Free Trade RMALC - Mexico, and The Federation of Organizations for Social and Educational Assistance FASE - Brazil.

We will be sharing a post-Congress report with all of you as soon as possible.  Stay tuned for the announcement of our exciting new initiative and for ways for each of you to get involved!