Raleigh - Demonstrators march to Republican headquarters

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Demonstrators march to Republican headquarters

By: Andrea Pacetti

RALEIGH — A group of approximately 150 demonstrators marched down Hillsborough St. to the Republican headquarters building Saturday.

The group included people from across the state and country. Most of them were a part of the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance Congress happening in Raleigh. The Congress is hosted by Black Workers for Justice.

The group is calling for more jobs and help for public workers.

“I'm here to more or less look out for a lot of people that right now are afraid to speak up for themselves. The public is going to suffer," said retired public worker Ciscero Warren.

The march ended at the N.C. Republican Party headquarters. Even though the activists are not thrilled with Democrats, they lay most of the blame for the state of the economy and unemployment on the Republicans.

“It's largely the Republican budget that's impacting people. It's their policies that are hurting us, so we're aiming at them," said board member for Black Workers for Justice Ajamu Dillahunt.

Rally attendees said Republicans favor corporations and their tax breaks, yet Republicans disagree.

"I think the business community, including corporations, provide jobs. Jobs are the word of the day so I don't think we can turn a blind eye to the significance of the contributions corporations make to this country," said Republican Congressman Howard Coble.

As they march, this group agrees jobs are key, but said the government also has a role to play. Some of them said they would like to see a public jobs program created, similar to the one created during the Great Depression.

The group also rallied to end the wars and use the money domestically.