Solidarity Statements and Resolutions

See below for Solidarity Statements from Allies to GGJ at the 2011 Member Congress, and see sidebar for Resolutions affirmed by GGJ members at the 2011 Member Congress.

The GGJ Congress closed with rousing statements of solidarity from some of our closest and most inspiring allies.  Please read and share far and wide!


"The NC AFL-CIO stands with the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance in its fight for economic justice for workers around the globe. The labor movement in NC is your partner and ally in the struggle for good jobs and the protection of workers' rights. Please know that we will stand with you until workers everywhere have good wages, safe jobs, and the right to organize and bargain collectively."




Though we are sorry we couldn’t be with you today, we extend our enthusiasm for
GGJ’s framing of No War! No Warming! Build an Economy for People and the Planet.

Movement Generation agrees wholeheartedly! The planet’s life support systems are
being slashed by a global imperialist economy that is gobbling everything up.

As we move away from the unhealthy elements of a globalized economy, our
regions will become key sites of struggle. The moment is ripe for grassroots forces
from frontline communities to lead.

GGJ member groups have been doing powerful and innovative work to intervene
at many points of the crisis. This new campaign can weave the different strategies
of member groups into a coordinated approach that will build our communities’
resistance to empire and resilience in transition.

We are excited to take the next steps with you!
In struggle and unity,
Movement Generation



War Times salutes the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance as it meets this weekend to strategize on how to strengthen the global struggle for peace, justice, democracy, and environmental sustainability.

We heartily endorse GGG’s initiative, "No War, No Warming! Build an Economy for People and the Planet!" as a strategic guide for moving forward in a difficult political environment.  The military-industrial complex buttressing the U.S. empire is a major obstacle blocking the achievement of all of our struggles’ goals. The initiative focuses on linking the environmental and economic impacts of militarization and connecting communities fighting to move money and policy away from militarization towards jobs and programs that respect human rights and the rights of Mother Earth. We believe this approach has the potential to strengthen linkages among grassroots groups working on a wide variety of issues, to place a focus on a strategic target, and galvanize a broad and powerful peace and justice movement in the U.S.

We had planned to be with you this weekend and are sorry we were unable to make the assembly after Hurricane Irene forced the date change. However, we stand ready to support Grassroots Global Justice in whatever way we can, such as the production of mass educational materials that reflect GGJ’s framework. Saludos.



Saludos solidarios / Solidarity greetings to the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance! SOUL, the School of Unity & Liberation, sends our congratulations and warmest wishes from Oakland, CA to North Carolina on this historic occasion of the ever First GGJ Congress. We look forward to many future years of building a stronger and more united movement for justice with you, here in the US and in solidarity with popular struggles around the world. No War! No Warming! Build an Economy for People and the Planet. ¡Venceremos!



Apreciados compañeros y compañeros de GGJ

Hemos recibido con satisfacción e interés la noticia de la realización de su Congreso Nacional.
También hemos podido conocer los importantes documentos que han circulado en preparación
del mismo y su llamado a “no a la guerra, no al calentamiento, construir una economía para el
pueblo y el planeta” y su interés en fortalecer la articulación interna de las organizaciones que
participan y reforzar su labor internacionalista así como la educación de sus miembros.

Los enfoques que están planteados son plenamente coincidentes con los de la Alianza Social
Continental, que ha definido como ejes de su trabajo, la lucha contra los TLC y la globalización
neoliberal, contra la militarización y el calentamiento global, contra la gran minería trasnacional y
por una integración al servicio de los pueblos. Promoviendo un modelo de desarrollo diferente al
servicio de la mayoría de la población.

Queremos reconocer los aportes que ustedes han hecho a definir y promover esta agenda y su
aporte en la vinculación del pueblo estadounidense a este proceso continental.

Les deseamos éxitos en sus deliberaciones y esperamos que podamos seguir cooperando en
nuestros propósitos comunes y que fortalezcamos las áreas de trabajo conjunto.

Por la Secretaria de la Alianza Social Continental

Enrique Daza


Dear GGJ comrades,

It is with great pleasure and interest that we welcome the news of your National Congress.

We have been able to familiarize ourselves with the important documents you have

circulated in leading up to the congress. The documents we studied were “No War, No

Warming” and “Creating an Economy for the People and the Planet.” We have also

learned about your interest in strengthening the internal organizing work with your active

members to reinforce your international work and member education.

The approach you lay out completely coincides with the Hemispheric Social Alliance

approach. The HSA has defined the crux of our work to be in the fight against Free Trade

Agreements and neoliberal globalization, against militarization and global warming, against

big transnational mining and for an integration model that serves the people. We promote

a different development model that serves the majority of the population.

We want to recognize the contribution you all have made to define and promote this

agenda and for incorporating the people of the US to this continental process.

We wish you success in your discussions and hope that we can continue collaborating on

our common goals and strengthening our joint work.

On behalf of the Hemispheric Social Alliance,

Enrique Daza