Activist Outrage at the UN Climate Conference

Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Z Magazine

Activist Outrage at the UN Climate Conference World Carbon Trade Organization vs. the people and the planet

By Anne Petermann and Orin Langelle PDF Version Printer Friendly Version February 2011 Change Text Size a- | A+

During protests against the WTO (World Trade Organization) meetings in Cancún, Mexico in September 2003, Lee Kyung Hae, a South Korean farmer and La Via Campesina member, martyred himself by plunging a knife into his heart while standing atop the barricades at Kilometer Zero. Around his neck was a sign that read, "WTO Kills Farmers."


At that time, activists around the world were rallying under the umbrella of the global justice movement. Now the umbrella is the climate justice movement. But the root cause of the problem is the same—the neoliberal oligarchy: i.e., the corporate and government leaders bent on ruling the world and running it into the ground.

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