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No NATO Delegation to Chicago, May 16-20, 2012

GGJ members took to the streets of Chicago to protest the NATO summit through mobilizations supporting local community groups and the NATO-Free Future Counter-Summit.

For resources to prepare for Chicago, check out our NoWar page. 

New Toolkit Available!

Check out the new toolkit co-created by GGJ and the War Resisters League.  Called You Can't Take What's All of Ours!, you can download as a .pdf or word document.  The toolkit makes reference to a slideshow; it can be seen here

Participating Organizations and Delegates

We are excited about the representation of issues and organizations represented on our delegation.  More than 20 folks from the following GGJ member organizations will join GGJ in Chicago: 

  1. AfroEco
  2. CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
  3. Chinese Progressive Association
  4. Community Voices Heard
  5. East Michigan Environmental Action Council
  6. Labor Community Strategy Center
  7. People Organized to Win Employment Rights

In addition, long time ally, the League of Revolutionaries for a New America, will participate on the delegation. 

GGJ Political Goals for Participation in No-NATO Mobilizations

1)    To uplift local struggles of GGJ members;

2)    To connect GGJ members with local, national and international allies;

3)    To have a strong and visible presence in the counter-summit and various mobilizations;

4)    To highlight the cost of war at home and abroad in concrete ways;

5)    To build upon the GGJ frame – No War! No Warming! Build an Economy for the People and the Planet!

Counter Summit for Peace and Economic Justice

GGJ members will facilitate a workshop at the Counter Summit, called No War! No Warming! Communities Building an Economy for the People and the Planet!  Intensifying economic crises, ecological collapse, and a wave of austerity sweeping the globe characterize the 21st century. Local, national, and global struggles from below are arising across the world. The major response from the global 1% is increasing repression.GGJ Alliance’s frame “No War, No Warming, Build a People’s Economy” makes the connections between the reality we face and what must be done. During this workshop, presenters will guide participants toward meeting the following goals:

  1. To understand that NATO and G8 are powerful military and economic formations that have developed a blueprint for domination and control;
  2. To apply GGJ’s frame in connecting the war on people, economy and environment with existing and needed popular responses  for justice
  3. To collectively generate a vision for a different and better world.

For a full conference schedule, click here

Stay tuned to this page for updates and reports as we take to the streets of Chicago this May!