October 14: Twitter Town Hall on Women, Gender, and Climate

On October 14, 2015, we hosted a twitter town hall on Women, Gender, and Climate resulting in over 1000 tweets, and over 500 messages were sent to President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, telling them exactly where women stand on climate change!


On the heels of the People’s Climate Movement call for a National Day of Action on October 14th, we at Grassroots Global Justice (GGJ) Alliance and the US chapter of the World March of Women are proud to be a part of this movement that says No Climate Justice without Gender Justice! Of the 9,900 tweets produced with #PeoplesClimate led by the People’s Climate Movement, 1,135 tweets total also had the #DefendingDignity hashtag.


When we put the call out for our members to mobilize for this action, we were clear that the climate justice movement needed to strengthen its gender justice framework, as well as make the connections to #BlackLivesMatter, the sovereignty of indigenous peoples, and the need to challenge the current capitalist extractive economy we live in.


We did just that.


On twitter, over 100 individuals and organizations participated in the conversation and re-tweeted what our members were saying.  Messages like these resonated the most with people:


  • Can’t talk about #ClimateJustice w/o talking about women's work that allows all other work to happen

  • There is so much indigenous knowledge and women's solutions to #climatecrisis. Who is listening?

  • Women reject Fracking, Nuclear Power, Carbon Markets, and False Solutions

  • In this convo on women and climate, #BlackLivesMatter to both.  We are all inextricably connected.

  • Climate forces people to migrate. Immigration is part of this conversation

  • Don't be afraid to call out #Capitalism. It hasn't worked for people+planet. We need #JustTransition


In addition, many examples were given on how women around the world have taken leadership in fighting big industries like oil and fracking, how women are leaders in their communities around energy conservation, and how women are building their own farming collectives.  Follow the conversation on twitter using:  @ggjalliance #PeoplesClimate #COP21 #DefendingDignity


For our twitter action, our goal was to make sure that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry knew where women stand around the climate crisis, and our demands for them as we are nearing the COP21 in Paris in December.  If you haven’t had a chance yet to support the actions, you can still do so by signing the petition with our demands going into Paris and getting other people to do so as well!


Lastly, GGJ members were on the streets in San Antonio, Seattle, Miami, and New York as part of the People’s Climate Movement call for actions which saw over 200 actions around the country!


Our membership into the World March of Women and participating in the 4th International Action this year has given us the space to develop our own gender analysis and practice.   Our theme for this year We Will Keep Marching Until We Are All Free: Defending the Dignity of Our Bodies, Our Communities, and Mother Earth expresses the urgency of this moment in the lives of women and gender non-conforming people around the world.  It has never been more clear the connections between global capitalism and patriarchy.  For example, GGJ member Grassroots International has been supporting OFRANEH, a women’s organization in Honduras that’s been fighting the palm oil industry, tourism, and organized crime.  It’s not enough to say that women are most impacted by climate change.  It is our responsibility to go beyond that narrative, to integrate gender into an analysis of capitalism and racism.  Another example is this piece written by GGJ member Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director of Got Green? in Seattle, on how they see gender, climate, and immigrant rights being inextricably linked.

Also, World March of Women members have been in actions this week around the world, making the connections between war, public services and common goods, women’s economic well-being, and violence against women.  Check out some of their photos here. And we are proud to be sending a delegation to the WMW Americas region meeting in Cajamarca, Peru, next week to join in conversation about the kind of feminisms we are building regionally.

As we also continue on the journey for the Road to Paris and Beyond, this is the kind of thinking and leadership we want to continue to build.   As part of the It Takes Roots delegation to Paris in December, we will be bringing World March of Women members in GGJ to Paris to plan a Women’s Assembly and take direct action on the streets.  Follow us on twitter (@ggjalliance) and facebook, and on our website for more information leading up to December at the UNFCCC COP21 in Paris!

For questions and more information, feel free to email Helena at helena@ggjalliance.org.


Emily Lee, Chinese Progressive Association (San Francisco), co-chair of GGJ WMW Committee

Jessica Guerrero, Fuerza Unida (San Antonio), co-chair of GGJ WMW Committee

Maria Poblet, Causa Justa::Just Cause (Bay Area), co-chair of GGJ WMW Committee