Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Together Movements and October: Month of Global Mobilizations

Call to Join Global Actions October 12-15!

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The Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) stands in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Together and the Social Movements around the world taking action in the month of October.  We are communities of color, indigenous peoples, and poor and working class communities who are at the frontlines of the crises of economy, ecology and empire. For years we have been struggling against joblessness, low wages, foreclosures, displacement, and criminalization.  We have been carrying the weight of a broken economy on our backs for far too long.


Meanwhile the 1% of the rich and powerful across the world have gotten richer due to the wild and dangerous practices of global capitalism. They have earned mega-profits by exploiting workers, the poor and the planet.  They have kept their mega-profits thanks to the billion dollar bailout from our tax dollars.  It is about time we poured into the streets to shout “Enough is Enough, Basta Ya!”.


We welcome the “October Offensive” that is giving collective voice to our anger and to our hunger for change.  We affirm the courage of the people who are putting their bodies on the line, who are reclaiming space in defiance of the greed that is impoverishing the majority of the U.S., and the vast majority of the world. We condemn the police violence and mass arrests as violations of our basic rights to democratic dissent.


As a mass-based alliance whose mission is to build grassroots internationalism, the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance connects U.S. base-building groups with international social movements to build a popular movement for a peaceful, just and sustainable world.   Many of us will mobilize to the encampments, others of us are organizing and joining actions in other parts of the country.  All of us are struggling day to day in different sites of struggle – in the workplace, in our homes, in our neighborhoods, across borders.


The Anti-corporate, Pro-democracy movement is breaking the myth of U.S. exceptionalism, and is bringing “the 99%” of us onto an international stage of global uprisings for another world. By pouring into the streets to demand systemic change, we are aligned with our fellow justice-seekers, from Tunisia to Egypt , from Greece to Spain, who paved the way with the Arab Spring, the U.K. uprisings, and the movement of the Indignad@s, to name a few.


The movements of our international counterparts show us that this October Offensive can be more than a collective expression of our rage. Together we can also turn this into an expression of the evolving visions, directions and demands of existing social movements. Together we can turn this anger into transformational and lasting change. As Josep Maria Antentas and Esther Vivas of the Indignad@s have said, “The challenge is to know how to manage our success, to go on to the next stage and use the energy of the protest camps to move forward.”  For the Indignad@s, the next stage included strengthening ties with militant trade unions and connecting the general encampment movement with “concrete struggles against the cuts and the policies that seek to shift the cost of the crisis onto the workers.”

We stand in solidarity with the Transit Workers Union in New York, the United Steelworkers and various unions who have set an example for connecting organized movements with the protests. We stand in solidarity with the community/labor organizations that marched in NYC on October 5th and with the anti-war and peace and justice organizations occupying Freedom Plaza in DC on October 6th, the 10th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan.


It is along these lines of connecting organized forces with the autonomous protests that GGJ pledges its solidarity with the Occupy Together and Month of Global Action. As an alliance of organized poor, working class, indigenous and people of color communities on the frontlines of capitalist exploitation, we commit to supporting the October Offensive, and invite you to support these examples of vibrant ongoing campaigns being led by impacted communities:


Health Care for All

Transportation for All

Defending the Public Sector

Collective Bargaining for all Workers

Eviction and Foreclosure Moratorium

Amnesty for all Undocumented, No Border Wall

Creation of Climate Jobs and Living Wage Jobs

Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights

Stopping the School to Prison Pipeline

Moving Money from the Military Budget

Supporting Food Sovereignty

No to Tar Sands, Stop Keystone XL Project


On the 10th Anniversary of the Occupation and War on Afghanistan - we call on the U.S. to stop using our tax dollars to fuel violence and empire, and to instead move money toward policies, jobs and services that can constitute a just economy. We say: “No War, No Warming: Build the Economy for the People and the Planet!” 


We call on autonomous and organized forces to mobilize in even greater numbers from October 12 to October 15.  These are global days of action on which we can connect protests across the U.S. with protests around the world.  October 15 is a global day of action called by the indignad@ movement in Spain that will be joined with protests in the U.S. and across Europe.  October 12 is Indigenous People’s Day and a Global Day of Action against Capitalism.  This day of action was ratified and called for by thousands of participants in the Social Movement Assembly of the World Social Forum in Dakar this past February.  October 12 provides the opportunity to rally to demand accountability from corporate targets doing business on what they think will be a normal Wednesday.  GGJ members will be taking part in this day through actions like the “Foreclose on Wall Street West” action planned by Causa Justa Just Cause in San Francisco.  They will join actions happening throughout Latin America and the World.


We call on GGJ Members and Allies, and Occupy Together and October Mobilization protestors to take action October 12-15 to collectively demand another world organized by human need, not corporate greed, by human rights and nature’s rights not the rights of destructive corporations!


We believe the people should not pay for the crises that this system has created. We believe that the solutions will come from the people. And it is only through strengthening the joint strategies and campaigns of organized movements that are grounded in where we live, work and play, that we can make the transformation and liberation we are all seeking a reality.


Human needs, not Corporate Greed!


No War, No Warming Build an Economy for People and the Planet!


Long live International Solidarity!


Declaración en Español

Downloadable Posters