It Takes Roots Report Backs from Paris

It Takes Roots to Weather the Storm is a collaboration between Grassroots Global Justice Alliance, the Indigenous Environmental Network, and the Climate Justice Alliance that brought over 100 leaders from US and Canadian grassroots and indigenous communities to mobilize in Paris during the COP21 negotiations.   Join us for a national reportback with leaders from across the country sharing about the social movements defiance of the protest ban in Paris, the frontline leadership from Indigenous Peoples, migrant rights solidarity and movement building, the role of the US, and our assessment on the impact of the Paris Climate Accord.

On February 10th and 11th we held two national report back calls.  Click here to listen to an audio recording from our first call on Feb 10th and here for a recording of second call on Feb 11th.   You can also check out the slide show that accompanied our report back.

Speakers and Presenters include:

·       Brandon King, Cooperation Jackson

·       Kandi Mossett, Tom Goldtooth, and Alberto Salamando, Indigenous Environmental Network

·       Sarra Tekola, Got Green

·       Cindy Wiesner, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

·       Emma Sandoval, Southwest Organizing Project

·       Shela Linton, Vermont Workers Center

·       Pam Tau Lee, Chinese Progressive Association

·       Denise Abdul-Rahman, Indiana NAACP

·       Rossmery Zayas, Communities for a Better Environment

·       Shawna Foster, Iraq Vets Against the War

·       Arturo Trejo, Southwest Workers Union

·       Edgar Franks, Community to Community Development

And more....

We came back from Paris only more aligned and more committed than ever that our collective power and growing movement is what is forcing the question of extraction into the global arena.  We will continue to fight at every level to defend our communities, the earth and future generations.